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10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

Men have been grooming facial hair for a very long time and it has become a real fashion statement these days. No matter where you are, you will always find men of different age groups wearing a very well-groomed beard, this is because it gives so much enhancement to the male appearance.

Just like makeup enhances the look of women, growing a beard has massive effects on a man’s face, and women really appreciate it. When almost everyone is focused on how fine men look with a beard, it is easy to get distracted from the health benefits, so we are going to look at 10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard. This should serve as an inspiration for you to further commit yourself to beard grooming.

1. Growing a Beard Can Protect You from Skin Cancer

For a disease as deadly as cancer, prevention is the best way to go about it, and growing a beard can help you stay protected. This is because those who are more exposed to the sun stand a higher risk of getting skin cancer, and research has shown that 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be blocked by a well grown beard. For you, the dangerous effects of the sun will have almost no effects as your beard will prevent them from reaching your skin.

Now that you know this health benefit of growing a beard, you can walk around with more confidence, not only because you look stunning, but because your well-groomed beard keeps you protected from such a deadly disease that has killed so many people already.

2. Growing a Beard Can Protect Your Skin from Sun Damages

This is also related to the ultraviolet rays released from the sun down to us. You already know about skin cancer, but that is not the only harm your beards can save you from. There are other skin damages that can result from long exposure to the sun, such as tanning.

When you spend so much time in direct sunlight, your skin can get wrinkled to the point of developing sags, imagine having facial sags as fine as you are. That’s not all, ugly facial spots can also show up when you have no facial hair to protect you from the sun, so grow your beard and do it with this important point in mind.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

3. Growing a Beard Can Protect You from Bacterial Infections

We are all susceptible to skin issues no matter the age, and growing a beard is one of least acknowledged ways to protect yourself from bacterial infections. A lot of men think that shaving off their beard is the best way to stay free from bacterial infections, but this is not true. When you shave, you naturally create openings on your skin through those accidental cuts, these openings eventually serve as room for bacteria to grow, leaving you at risk of different skin infections.

But when you grow your beard, your good looks are enhanced as well as your as your facial skin. You won’t have to worry about those shave cuts and all the infections they could invite.

4. Growing a Beard Can Save You from Depression

You are probably wondering how this is possible, what could your dear beard have to do with depression? Well, it has a lot to do with it since that which connects both of them is self-confidence. It is no news that growing a beard makes you look great, and when you look great, your self-confidence is boosted.

A lot of men that groom their beards have said that they feel more confident, not only because of their looks, but also because of the compliments they get from both male and female admirers. This fact adds to the medical effects of self-confidence, which goes a long way in boosting your general mental health and saves you from low self-esteem, which is greatly linked with depression.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

5. Growing a Beard Can Save You from Skin Dryness

There are so many products in the market that are used to battle skin dryness, all of which are nothing compared to the benefits you get when you grow a beard. With your beard serving as a shield to protect your precious face from all the unfriendly environmental wind out there, you will not need to spend extra money to keep your face moist. The beard acts as a natural moisture keeper for your face, it ensures that the moisture is locked in, which is a good protection from all the effects of skin dryness.

6. Growing a Beard Will Save You from Skin Allergies

As a result of the beard you grow and groom, your face is protected from a lot of external harm caused by breeze. If you happen to be one of those men who have pollen allergies, your beards can protect you from that, as it is a sure way to control the air that touches your skin.

Apart from acting as a filter, there is also the health benefit of controlling your facial temperature. The beards will maintain good temperature for your face and greatly reduce the effects that those allergies have on your skin. If you are one of those men who are still thinking about growing a beard, this health benefit alone should hasten your decision. You want to eliminate those skin allergies, don’t you?

7. Growing a Beard Will Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is greatly associated with good health, so for those who wonder if it is also a health benefit, it is. As a man, you already know what happens to you physically and mentally when you have poor sexuality. Good news here is that growing a beard can improve it all.

If you are still wondering the connection between good sex life and growing a beard, I will explain. There is obviously an increased chance of getting a female partner when you have a beard because you are sexier with it, and since it boosts your confidence, which has a strong connection with your sexual abilities, you are more likely to have an improved performance.

8. Growing a Beard Will Save You from Facial Blemishes

Since you are growing your beard, you have little or no business with the shaving stick, which means you are saying goodbye to those cuts and stresses on the face that later become blemishes. It is true that when I mentioned the bacterial infections earlier, you saw some benefits of not shaving your beard, but this second point serves as an emphasis to remind you that your distance from the shaving blades do more than just to protect you from bacteria.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

Not shaving your beard and grooming it instead, is a sure way to escape ingrown hairs, shave bumps, blade cuts, scars from the healed blade cuts, damages from the burn that could come from harsh products used to clear shave bumps, and a lot of other issues that could bring your handsome face down with a lot of blemishes. Life is just a lot easier when you grow a beard.

9. Growing a Beard Can Slow Down Your Aging

A healthy man will look young and hot for a very long time, so if you have dreams of staying sexy forever, start grooming your beard as soon as possible. The scientific explanation to this is that your beard covers the glands that secrete facial oil, which means the moisture is retained. When you also look at the health benefits listed above, you will realise that they are all channelled to keeping you as healthy and youthful as possible.

10. Growing a Beard Can Save You from Throat Infections

When you look at the facial structure of a man, you will see that the mouth is closely connected to the beard. Now, I mentioned earlier that the beard protects you from all the bacteria that is carried by air around you, which saves your face from allergies and blemishes.


The same also applies to the mouth. When you grow beards, your face is covered and protected by it. This is why you can hardly swallow bad air through your mouth when you have a beard, it catches it and totally leaves your face when you groom. Just like the hair in your nostrils protect you from inhaling harmful substances, the beard was designed by nature to guard you from particles that could cause throat infections.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

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