7 Do it Yourself Beard Oil Recipes – the Ultimate DIY Beard Oil Guide

7 Do it Yourself Beard Oil Recipes - the Ultimate DIY Beard Oil Guide

By Kings of Today | Updated Oct 09, 2019

7 do it yourself beard oil recipes - the ultimate diy beard oil guide

Fashions come and go but a beard always makes a statement. Growing one is a personal choice but those that decide to go for it embrace them. While men that shave every morning begrudge the chore, growing a beard does not mean you have nothing to do. A bit of effort is required if you want your beard to look and feel great. You want to enjoy the experience so here are a few helpful ideas.

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Your beard is an extension of who you are, it defines you as a man. Unless you have decided to be a caveman, you want to take care of your beard by grooming it. Yes, we need to brush and comb but this is not enough. Often the hair is pulled out from the roots. This is where beard oil comes into play.

You wash and care for the hair on your head so it makes sense to do the same with the hair on your face. While there are some great beard oils you can buy, you can also make some excellent ones yourself. They do not take long to make and don’t have to cost the earth.

The results, healthier and stronger facial hair and a smart looking comfortable beard.

We are going to break down seven different recipes that are easy to make and produce the best results. Before we start, make sure you have the following:

  • Pipette
  • A few small dark-colored glass bottles with droppers to store the essential oils
  • Tongs
  • Sterilized vessels
  • A funnel

Sterilize the bottles and wipe them down once they’re clean. Take note of what you’re doing when you make the oils.

Without further delay let us get into it. Here are 7 Do It Yourself Beard Oil Recipes:

One: Island Paradise

Want to travel and experience the breeze of a beautiful tropical island? To smell the aromas of the island, the fruit, nature. Well if your budget doesn’t allow for the real thing this beard oil has you covered.

  • 20ml jojoba oil
  • 7ml grape seed carrier oils
  • 3 drops sandalwood
  • 6 drops bergamot

Add jojoba oil and grape seed carrier oils into a 30ml bottle. Add in the sandalwood and bergamot. Seal. Shake. Done.

Island Paradise is a beard oil recipe that helps reduce if not eliminate tangles as well as assisting in the style, control, and shape of your beard. It also allows for the freedom to experiment with other fruit oils such as orange, lime, berry etc.

Two: Names Ruff Killer… Beard-Ruff Killer

Beards are cool, beards are great, beards are… a lot of work. Upkeep on a beard isn’t as simple as one might think and beard-ruff is the prime example as to why this is. Beard-ruff is the process of the skin flaking off due to it being too dry. Well never fear, the cure is here! Made of an array of different ingredients, each prevents dry beard-ruff.

· 1 oz. Apricot Kernel Oil

· 1 oz. Jojoba Oil

· 5 drops of Castor Oil

· 5 drops of Cedarwood Oil

Add jojoba into a sterilized pan and follow it with apricot kernel oil, add castor oil mix until they’re blended. Add Cedarwood oil.

Castor oil, which is one of the main ingredients, reduces dandruff and speeds up the growing process. Apricot kernel oil is often used to treat skin disorders such as eczema. This somewhat simple recipe is easy to make and will help you grow a healthy trouble-free beard.

beard oil recipes

Three: Grower, Not a Shower… Yet

You want to grow facial hair and indulge in your manly persona. There is only one issue, your face never got the memo. Struggling to grow your beard? Look no further, this is the beard oil recipe for you.

· 1 oz. Sweet Almond Oil?

· 1 oz. Coconut Oil

· 3-4 drops Castor Oil

· 5-6 drops Rosemary

Take your pan and add in the almond, coconut and castor oil. Add in the rosemary or lavender oil next before allowing them to simmer and transferring them to storage bottles. Be warned that castor oil does have a thick consistency and you want to avoid being excessive with its use as it will lead to a greasy beard oil.

These three oils all work towards helping your beard grow. Castor oil boosting the circulation in the skin and stimulating hair growth while almond and coconut moisturize and condition the beard. Rosemary is the preferred choice in this case for its prevention of beard dandruff.

Four: The Feeling Breezy

For this recipe, the focus is on different ingredients that benefit the beard in multiple ways especially helping them remain fresh for a long period of time. Blending ingredients such as sage oil and eucalyptus oil mean both produce a fresh aroma that will have a lasting effect.

· 1 oz. Coconut Oil

diy beard oil recipes

· ½ oz. of Sweet Almond Oil

· 3-4 drops Sage Oil

· 3-4 drops Eucalyptus Oil

Take the pan and add in your coconut, sweet almond oils and blend. Add in the sage mix well until transferring to a storage bottle.

These two nourishing and hydrating oils are loaded with vitamin C and will restore the natural sheen of your beard. It helps that this recipe not only creates a vibrant aroma from the eucalyptus and sage oil but also prevents dandruff too.

Five: 24H/7W

Sandalwood is a focus of this ingredient in terms of aroma. It provides a woodsy tone while still being a very relaxing and soothing fragrance. This is the perfect recipe if you hate strong fragrances which overpower and linger all day. This recipe is simple, will dissipate in minutes but also leave a long lasting but incredibly subtle aroma the entire day.

· 1 oz. Jojoba Oil

· ½ oz. Sunflower Seed Oil

· ½ oz. Apricot Kernel Oil

· ½ oz. Argan Oil

· 5-10 drops Sandalwood Oil

Take your pan and add in the jojoba, argan, apricot kernel and sunflower seed oil. Mix them thoroughly before adding in the sandalwood oil and mix once more before transferring to storage bottles. If you think the oil is making your beard too greasy reduce sunflower seed oil.

Jojoba oil is the foundation and the sunflower, apricot and argan oils are moisturizers that hydrate and soften your beard. It also stimulates growth and promotes a healthy full beard. As if this wasn’t enough this beard oil also nourishes your skin and prevents itching and dandruff with the sandalwood’s aroma relaxing you the entire day.

Six: Mountain Man

Are you interested in smelling like you just walked through the mountains? This simple recipe will make you happy. This popular mix is dedicated to capturing the essence of crisp and sharp mountain air but also capitalizing on the smell of wood.

· 17ml grapeseed carrier oil

· 10ml jojoba carrier oil

· 3-4 drops lavender oil

homemade beard oil recipes

· 3-4 drops lemon grass oil

· 3-4 drops Fir Needle ??Oil (optional)

· 2 drops eucalyptus

Add the grapeseed oil mixing it with jojoba oil in your bottle and shake. Place the lavender, lemongrass and fir needle oil and shake before adding in the final ingredient eucalyptus. Shake once more and voila you’re done! Simple, quick and effective.

This recipe contains vitamin E and helps with growth and skin hydration.

Seven: Sunshine in a Bottle

The seventh and final beard oil also considers the beach and island vibes of ‘Island Paradise’. The use of orange and lime is what gives it the island breeze aroma.

  • 20ml sweet almond oil
  • 5ml jojoba oil
  • 2 – 3 drops of sweet orange oil
  • 2 – 3 drops of lime oil
doterra beard oil recipes

Add the sweet almond oil in a bottle. Add in the jojoba oil and shake. Then add in the sweet orange oil and shake again before adding in lime oil. Shake well and that’s all. If you want to be adventurous mix it up by adding in cedarwood which will bring in a crisp smell to add to that fresh environment. You can also try other fruit oils.

These recipes are in no way difficult to make and you will find yourself experimenting beyond these ideas and creating your own. The objective is to take care of your beard and help it grow and stay healthy. These recipes will do just that.

Each recipe has a different focus but you’ll find that many of them overlap in terms of benefits. It also boils down to not just using one but perhaps alternating between the different recipes and benefiting from them all. Don’t forget to be creative, these recipes are for you to use however you wish to use them.


Now; you’ve got the recipes and they’re easy, the supplies aren’t extensive, it isn’t too much work so go on and make some oils and take care of your beard. There is nothing stopping you so what are you waiting for?

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