The Best Disposable Razor

The Best Disposable Razor

By Kings of Today | Updated Apr 03, 2019

best disposable razor

There are many different ways that you can shave and most men will have an opinion on which is the best way, as everyone has a different routine. What can’t be disputed though is that using a disposable razor is by far the most convenient method out there.

Making a high-quality product which is going to be thrown away is a tough ask and you see a big difference in quality from one brand to the next. Getting the best disposable razor is important to ensure that you can get that close, clean shave without any downsides.

Best Disposable Razer Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Durability
2. Personna Men's 3-Blade Disposable Razor Comfort
3. Gillette Sensor3 Men's Disposable Razor Value
4. Schick Hydro Sense Hydrate Razors Beginners
5. BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor Precision Shaving

Top Choice: Gillette Mach3 Turbo

This is another product from Gillette which shows why they are one of the most respected companies on the market.

1. Gillette Mach3 Turbo
Best For


Our Rating
2. Personna Men's 3-Blade Disposable Razor
Best For


Our Rating
3. Gillette Sensor3 Men's Disposable Razor
Best For


Our Rating
4. Schick Hydro Sense Hydrate Razors
Best For


Our Rating
5. BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor
Best For

Precision Shaving

Our Rating

Single Blade vs Multi-Blade

There are a few key questions that you need to ask before you are able to choose the best disposable razor and one of them is whether you should get a single blade razor of a multi-blade model. There seemed to be a trend a few years ago of companies just adding as many blades as possible but it’s not as simple as that.

best disposable straight razor blades

A single blade is a more traditional shave but it’s not going to be the closest on a disposable razor. While the quality of steel and spacing of the blades are important, there is a reason that the vast majority of products use multiple blades. They deliver a close shave very quickly while keeping irritation to a minimum. The exact number of blades isn’t hugely important but between three and five is a good number.

Fully Disposable vs Cartridge Razor

The next big question that you need to ask yourself is should I get an all-in-one product that you throw away when it dulls or a product which has one handle with replaceable cartridges? This question doesn’t have a concrete answer and instead mostly comes down to your personal preference and what your budget is.

The full disposable razors are often linked with cheap models which aren’t very good and won’t give you a comfortable shave at all. There are though plenty of fully disposable razors which have a lot more design and quality, which will make them as good as a cartridge razor. This is mostly personal preference though and you need to decide which you’d prefer.

What Makes a Great Disposable Razor?

Disposable razors have almost got a bad reputation when it comes to shaving, almost as an easy way out. If you get the best disposable razor though, you are able to produce a shave which is close to the ones you will get from a more expensive and difficult methods. The design and build quality of disposable razors have vastly improved over time.

best disposable straight razor

The quality of the blade is important as these need to be made from sharp high-quality steel and set at the perfect angle for shaving. Multi-blade razors are going to be made to cut each hair and a lubricating strip will help to give you a more comfortable shave. Following that, a blade head which is able to adjust to the shape of your face is also going to be ideal.

How Often Do I Need to Change Blades?

This is a hotly debated topic and one which gets a lot of difference answers from a lot of different people, some would say days and others would say months. If you are shaving every day then it’s likely that you are probably going to need to replace your blade about once a week otherwise it is going to start to become too dull.

This does change from person to person though depending on such aspects as hair thickness. You should get a sense though that your blade is starting to fade as the shave becomes more difficult and you shouldn’t persevere with an old blade. One useful tip to prolong the life of a blade is to rub them on a denim surface as this will remove imperfections and help to extend its life.

Best Disposable Razer Review

Gillette Mach3 Turbo

best men's disposable razor best disposable razor for men

This is another product from Gillette which shows why they are one of the most respected companies on the market.

Gillette have long been known for producing high quality products in the shaving industry and this is a cartridge disposable razor which is worthy of that. The blades are highly durable and are designed to last for 15 full shaves, which will give you a good lifespan and allow you to not constantly have to change the blades.

There are three blades in the razor which have a high level of strength to give you a close shave. It will also be a comfortable one too with the lubrication strip which is going to aid the razor in being able to glide across your face. A skin guard is also featured which will help to stretch the skin in preparation for it being cut.

  • Long-lasting lubrication strip
  • Durable blades
  • Skin guard
  • No razor cradle

BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor

best single blade disposable razor best disposable straight razor blades

BIC have been able to produce a fully disposable which can not only provide a close shave, but a precision shave too.

BIC are another company with great brand power and this is another product which comes highly rated. It is a fully disposable razor which comes in a pack of three. The head features five flexible blades which are going to be able to adjust to the skin and therefore create a very close shave.

One of the unique features of this product is the balancing sphere which is just below the head. This is going to be able to give you extra weight in order to help precisely control the shave. The razor also features edging blades for precise styling to help you reach those areas which are notoriously difficult for disposable razors.

  • Balancing sphere
  • Edging blades
  • Flexible blades
  • Can dull quickly

Personna Men's 3-Blade Disposable Razor

best disposable straight razor best men's disposable razor 2017

This is a cartridge razor which is going to be able to give you a very comfortable shave with its numerous different features.

This is another high quality cartridge razor which is going to be able to give you a close and smooth shave due to its guard which will be able to work around the contours on the face to make sure that the blade is always going to be close enough to cut the hair, but not too close that it cuts the skin.

The blades are made from high-quality steel but are also coated with ceramic which will help to give an even more comfortable shave. That comfort is going to be added too by the adjustable head and the lubricating strip. The blades are also easy to maintain with their anti-clog chamber which just needs a quick rinse.

  • Anti-clog chamber
  • Ceramic coated blades
  • Highly comfortable shave
  • Lack ability on thick hair

Gillette Sensor3 Men's Disposable Razor

best disposable razor best men's disposable razor

This is another high quality fully disposable razor from Gillette which is highly adjustable to the shape of your face.

This is another great product from Gillette but one which is full disposable but still able to deliver a high level of performance. It features three blades which sit just above a guard which will help to present your hair correctly and a lubricating strip that will allow for a clean and smooth shave.

These three blades are all independently spring mounted, allowing them to move according to the shape of your face to allow both a close and a comfortable cut. Those blades are helped by the fact that the razor has a pivoting head which will also help to keep it highly adjustable to prevent any cutting of the skin.

  • Independently sprung blades
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Highly adjustable
  • Durability

Schick Hydro Sense Hydrate Razors

best disposable razor for men best single blade disposable razor

This is a high quality disposable cartridge razor which is going to be ideal for all levels of shaving experience.

This is a brilliant cartridge razor from Schick which has a number of features which are going to help you have a comfortable shave. One of those features is the ability to hold back the blades if there is too much pressure to prevent you from cutting yourself, this is also helped by the adjustable head of the razor.

Also on the razor are hydrating gel pools which are going to be able to prevent irritation. Perhaps the best unique feature of this razor though is the ability for the head to flip back and expose the top blade to give you a precise edging blade in order for you to reach every area of your face.

  • Flip trimmer
  • Hydrating gel pools
  • Pressure absorption
  • Lacks smoothness


The choice between a disposable razor which has a cartridge or a fully disposable product is often a personal preference. While all these razors are going to be able to give you a great shave, the performance of the Personna Razor is one that stands out above the rest.

They are full disposable but are able to give an equal to, if not better than, performance than most cartridge razors. It may not have the headline unique features that other razors have but the proof is in the results and these are disposable razors which are going to be able to give you an easy and comfortable shave without dulling too quickly.

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7 Do it Yourself Beard Oil Recipes – the Ultimate DIY Beard Oil Guide

7 Do it Yourself Beard Oil Recipes - the Ultimate DIY Beard Oil Guide

By Kings of Today | Updated Apr 03, 2019

7 do it yourself beard oil recipes - the ultimate diy beard oil guide

Fashions come and go but a beard always makes a statement. Growing one is a personal choice but those that decide to go for it embrace them. While men that shave every morning begrudge the chore, growing a beard does not mean you have nothing to do. A bit of effort is required if you want your beard to look and feel great. You want to enjoy the experience so here are a few helpful ideas.

Main Content

Your beard is an extension of who you are, it defines you as a man. Unless you have decided to be a caveman, you want to take care of your beard by grooming it. Yes, we need to brush and comb but this is not enough. Often the hair is pulled out from the roots. This is where beard oil comes into play.

You wash and care for the hair on your head so it makes sense to do the same with the hair on your face. While there are some great beard oils you can buy, you can also make some excellent ones yourself. They do not take long to make and don’t have to cost the earth.

The results, healthier and stronger facial hair and a smart looking comfortable beard.

We are going to break down seven different recipes that are easy to make and produce the best results. Before we start, make sure you have the following:

  • Pipette
  • A few small dark-colored glass bottles with droppers to store the essential oils
  • Tongs
  • Sterilized vessels
  • A funnel

Sterilize the bottles and wipe them down once they’re clean. Take note of what you’re doing when you make the oils.

Without further delay let us get into it. Here are 7 Do It Yourself Beard Oil Recipes:

One: Island Paradise

Want to travel and experience the breeze of a beautiful tropical island? To smell the aromas of the island, the fruit, nature. Well if your budget doesn’t allow for the real thing this beard oil has you covered.

  • 20ml jojoba oil
  • 7ml grape seed carrier oils
  • 3 drops sandalwood
  • 6 drops bergamot

Add jojoba oil and grape seed carrier oils into a 30ml bottle. Add in the sandalwood and bergamot. Seal. Shake. Done.

Island Paradise is a beard oil recipe that helps reduce if not eliminate tangles as well as assisting in the style, control, and shape of your beard. It also allows for the freedom to experiment with other fruit oils such as orange, lime, berry etc.

Two: Names Ruff Killer… Beard-Ruff Killer

Beards are cool, beards are great, beards are… a lot of work. Upkeep on a beard isn’t as simple as one might think and beard-ruff is the prime example as to why this is. Beard-ruff is the process of the skin flaking off due to it being too dry. Well never fear, the cure is here! Made of an array of different ingredients, each prevents dry beard-ruff.

· 1 oz. Apricot Kernel Oil

· 1 oz. Jojoba Oil

· 5 drops of Castor Oil

· 5 drops of Cedarwood Oil

Add jojoba into a sterilized pan and follow it with apricot kernel oil, add castor oil mix until they’re blended. Add Cedarwood oil.

Castor oil, which is one of the main ingredients, reduces dandruff and speeds up the growing process. Apricot kernel oil is often used to treat skin disorders such as eczema. This somewhat simple recipe is easy to make and will help you grow a healthy trouble-free beard.

beard oil recipes

Three: Grower, Not a Shower… Yet

You want to grow facial hair and indulge in your manly persona. There is only one issue, your face never got the memo. Struggling to grow your beard? Look no further, this is the beard oil recipe for you.

· 1 oz. Sweet Almond Oil?

· 1 oz. Coconut Oil

· 3-4 drops Castor Oil

· 5-6 drops Rosemary

Take your pan and add in the almond, coconut and castor oil. Add in the rosemary or lavender oil next before allowing them to simmer and transferring them to storage bottles. Be warned that castor oil does have a thick consistency and you want to avoid being excessive with its use as it will lead to a greasy beard oil.

These three oils all work towards helping your beard grow. Castor oil boosting the circulation in the skin and stimulating hair growth while almond and coconut moisturize and condition the beard. Rosemary is the preferred choice in this case for its prevention of beard dandruff.

Four: The Feeling Breezy

For this recipe, the focus is on different ingredients that benefit the beard in multiple ways especially helping them remain fresh for a long period of time. Blending ingredients such as sage oil and eucalyptus oil mean both produce a fresh aroma that will have a lasting effect.

· 1 oz. Coconut Oil

diy beard oil recipes

· ½ oz. of Sweet Almond Oil

· 3-4 drops Sage Oil

· 3-4 drops Eucalyptus Oil

Take the pan and add in your coconut, sweet almond oils and blend. Add in the sage mix well until transferring to a storage bottle.

These two nourishing and hydrating oils are loaded with vitamin C and will restore the natural sheen of your beard. It helps that this recipe not only creates a vibrant aroma from the eucalyptus and sage oil but also prevents dandruff too.

Five: 24H/7W

Sandalwood is a focus of this ingredient in terms of aroma. It provides a woodsy tone while still being a very relaxing and soothing fragrance. This is the perfect recipe if you hate strong fragrances which overpower and linger all day. This recipe is simple, will dissipate in minutes but also leave a long lasting but incredibly subtle aroma the entire day.

· 1 oz. Jojoba Oil

· ½ oz. Sunflower Seed Oil

· ½ oz. Apricot Kernel Oil

· ½ oz. Argan Oil

· 5-10 drops Sandalwood Oil

Take your pan and add in the jojoba, argan, apricot kernel and sunflower seed oil. Mix them thoroughly before adding in the sandalwood oil and mix once more before transferring to storage bottles. If you think the oil is making your beard too greasy reduce sunflower seed oil.

Jojoba oil is the foundation and the sunflower, apricot and argan oils are moisturizers that hydrate and soften your beard. It also stimulates growth and promotes a healthy full beard. As if this wasn’t enough this beard oil also nourishes your skin and prevents itching and dandruff with the sandalwood’s aroma relaxing you the entire day.

Six: Mountain Man

Are you interested in smelling like you just walked through the mountains? This simple recipe will make you happy. This popular mix is dedicated to capturing the essence of crisp and sharp mountain air but also capitalizing on the smell of wood.

· 17ml grapeseed carrier oil

· 10ml jojoba carrier oil

· 3-4 drops lavender oil

homemade beard oil recipes

· 3-4 drops lemon grass oil

· 3-4 drops Fir Needle ??Oil (optional)

· 2 drops eucalyptus

Add the grapeseed oil mixing it with jojoba oil in your bottle and shake. Place the lavender, lemongrass and fir needle oil and shake before adding in the final ingredient eucalyptus. Shake once more and voila you’re done! Simple, quick and effective.

This recipe contains vitamin E and helps with growth and skin hydration.

Seven: Sunshine in a Bottle

The seventh and final beard oil also considers the beach and island vibes of ‘Island Paradise’. The use of orange and lime is what gives it the island breeze aroma.

  • 20ml sweet almond oil
  • 5ml jojoba oil
  • 2 – 3 drops of sweet orange oil
  • 2 – 3 drops of lime oil
doterra beard oil recipes

Add the sweet almond oil in a bottle. Add in the jojoba oil and shake. Then add in the sweet orange oil and shake again before adding in lime oil. Shake well and that’s all. If you want to be adventurous mix it up by adding in cedarwood which will bring in a crisp smell to add to that fresh environment. You can also try other fruit oils.

These recipes are in no way difficult to make and you will find yourself experimenting beyond these ideas and creating your own. The objective is to take care of your beard and help it grow and stay healthy. These recipes will do just that.

Each recipe has a different focus but you’ll find that many of them overlap in terms of benefits. It also boils down to not just using one but perhaps alternating between the different recipes and benefiting from them all. Don’t forget to be creative, these recipes are for you to use however you wish to use them.


Now; you’ve got the recipes and they’re easy, the supplies aren’t extensive, it isn’t too much work so go on and make some oils and take care of your beard. There is nothing stopping you so what are you waiting for?

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Electric Shaver vs Razor

Electric Shaver vs Razor

By Kings of Today | Updated Apr 03, 2019

electric shaver vs razor

To help tackle this highly-debated question, a detailed examination of the different types of razors/shavers must first be explored in order to better determine which is best suited for you. With the advent and speed of forward-thinking technology, electric shavers have since entered the fold, bombarding the marketplace with an extensive catalog of options to consider.

Even before the earliest version of the razor first hit the scene some centuries ago, men would manipulate clam shell exteriors to pull out unwanted facial hair. However, in the lead up to 3000 BC, society began to forge useful tools out of copper — one of which was the very first shaving instrument. Clearly one of the most functional devices in any one man’s arsenal, the present-day razor has come a long way since its prehistoric predecessors, now available in a series of styles, fits, and colors. With that said, how do you select the right one for your needs?


Before we dive into the benefits and pitfalls of each, allow us for a brief moment to nostalgically reflect on the art of shaving. Back in 1770, Jean-Jacques Perret penned “The Art of Learning to Shave Oneself – La Pogonotomie” — a book which as the name so poignantly suggests, offers tips and tricks at how to properly groom oneself.

Through this ingenious publication we now lay claim to the safety razor, proving crucial to present-day shaving regimens as bothersome face cuts and gashes were once a real and ever-present reality. William Henson, however, took the razor a step forward, fashioning a hoe-like structure placing the blade perpendicular to its handle. With increased grip and control now in tow, Henson’s 1847 prototype in essence became the blueprint to which all other razors were then measured to.

It wasn’t until 1895 when an American entrepreneur named King Camp Gillette hatched the disposable razor blade — a functional adaptation of the Kampfe Brothers wire skin guard safety razor creation. And so the story goes.


As far as manual shaves are concerned, straights razors and safety razors are the two main types, with the latter broken down into further subsections. Double-edged, single edge, injector razors, and disposable razors make up the safety razor category and are often considered the most popular tool used in the wet shave process. The single edge was the first safety razor widely accepted by the masses, which is essentially a flat 4cm blade that sits snugly on the end of a solid base handle. Years later, manufacturers began sanctioning double-edge razors, each of which contains two sharp edges on opposite sides of the blade. By the time 1920 rolled around, Schick Razors developed the injector razor, eventually capturing the attention of avid shavers for its safety benefits and was the first genre of blades to deviate from the rectangular dimensions adopted by the aforementioned styles. Narrow blades are inserted into the razor, eliminating the need to handle sharp edges. This leads us to Bic and its ingenious disposable razor which first broke ground in 1974. The French-based corporation hit its stride by manufacturing a fully disposable razor as opposed to individual blades that perpetually require physical swapping.

electric shaver vs razor reddit

Straight razors, on the other hand, were used centuries before the first safety razor prototype was even introduced. Although early versions are believed to have initially surfaced in Ancient Egypt back in the 4th millennium BC, popular steel-edged variations were manufactured in Sheffield by 1680. Popular for its heritage aesthetic and barbershop quality cut, straight razors can be defined as a blade encased in a decorative sleeve. Such tools eventually became the principal method of manual shaving and remained as such until the safety razor revolutionized the industry in the mid-20th century.

  • Disposable/cartridge razors are generally the easiest to use and is widely considered the entry level shaving tool
  • Ideal for easy transport
  • Provides a closer shave than its electric counterparts (the straight razor providing the cleanest cut of all)
  • Cost effective in the short term when compared to electric shavers, however, can add up over time
  • Blades and relative equipment easy to replace
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Straight razors in particular are believed to decrease skin irritation and growth of ingrown hairs
  • A much more lengthy process involving the application of water and some form of cream/lubricant.
  • Not as practical as an electric shaver that can be used on the go in any setting.
  • Low quality blades increase the chance of cuts.
  • Disposable razors are believed to cause the most irritation with the blade having to go over each area multiple times.
  • Straight razors may be difficult to use and/or get used to, as a special technique is required to properly use.
  • Blades in disposable razors can dull quickly and need to be replaced after 4-5 shaves.


As with most other household goods, technology elevated the commonplace shave to new heights with the invention of the electric shaver. Introduced in 1928 as a way to save time while also promoting an all-around consistent cut, men began gravitating towards this innovative instrument as their primary shave tool. With two main types to choose from — foil and rotary — a comprehensive understanding of each can help you make the right choice for your personal grooming needs.

razor vs electric shaver

Rotary shavers consist of three to four floating heads, each with a set of blades and an oscillating razor, which as its names so evidently alludes to — rotates. Differentiating ever-so slightly from its rotary cousin is the foil shaver. Unreliant on a rotating motion, foil shavers, instead, trap hairs in its lengthwise parallel heads as opposed to cutting via a sweeping swirl movement. Ideal for those whose hair grows straight, foil shavers best serve to treat hair in its early growing stages and is believed to be the optimal choice for users with sensitive skin.

  • The quickest method of shaving with cordless versions able to be used anytime, anywhere without the need of supplementary products.
  • High quality shavers encourage facial hair to stand up before slicing them off, eliminating the need to go over each area multiple times.
  • Some models come equipped with precision trimmers to assist those who prefer stylish sculpting around the mustache, beard and sideburns.
  • Relatively new to the market are types that can be used in the shower while containing its own built-in vacuum.
  • Can last several years, eliminating the need to constantly replace blades
  • Do not provide as close a shave as manual razors.
  • Initial costs can be quite high, some reaching several hundred dollars.
  • Relying on electricity leaves users to contend with power outages if they do occur.
  • Electric razors can die while in mid shave, leaving users to deal with unfinished areas.
  • Can be noisy and bothersome to those around you.
  • Electric razors must be maintained and cleaned often


Choosing between an electric shaver and a manual razor can be a daunting task in its own right, however, becomes much more complex when examining the intricate sensitivities of each model when time to pull the trigger. Whichever side of the fence you currently stand on, it all boils down to personal preference while keeping your own personal grooming goals front and center. For instance, does speed and convenience pique your interest, or are you more inclined to want to the closest shave possible while willing to dedicate an 20 extra minutes to achieve such results? With that said, there is an ideal shaver/razor for each and every man out there. We suggest taking some time to look over our comprehensive comparisons in more detail to help determine which style and model is best suited for your grooming needs. Happy shaving.

electric shaver vs razor blade

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By Kings of Today | Updated Apr 03, 2019

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

Men have been grooming facial hair for a very long time and it has become a real fashion statement these days. No matter where you are, you will always find men of different age groups wearing a very well-groomed beard, this is because it gives so much enhancement to the male appearance.

Just like makeup enhances the look of women, growing a beard has massive effects on a man’s face, and women really appreciate it. When almost everyone is focused on how fine men look with a beard, it is easy to get distracted from the health benefits, so we are going to look at 10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard. This should serve as an inspiration for you to further commit yourself to beard grooming.

1. Growing a Beard Can Protect You from Skin Cancer

For a disease as deadly as cancer, prevention is the best way to go about it, and growing a beard can help you stay protected. This is because those who are more exposed to the sun stand a higher risk of getting skin cancer, and research has shown that 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be blocked by a well grown beard. For you, the dangerous effects of the sun will have almost no effects as your beard will prevent them from reaching your skin.

Now that you know this health benefit of growing a beard, you can walk around with more confidence, not only because you look stunning, but because your well-groomed beard keeps you protected from such a deadly disease that has killed so many people already.

2. Growing a Beard Can Protect Your Skin from Sun Damages

This is also related to the ultraviolet rays released from the sun down to us. You already know about skin cancer, but that is not the only harm your beards can save you from. There are other skin damages that can result from long exposure to the sun, such as tanning.

When you spend so much time in direct sunlight, your skin can get wrinkled to the point of developing sags, imagine having facial sags as fine as you are. That’s not all, ugly facial spots can also show up when you have no facial hair to protect you from the sun, so grow your beard and do it with this important point in mind.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

3. Growing a Beard Can Protect You from Bacterial Infections

We are all susceptible to skin issues no matter the age, and growing a beard is one of least acknowledged ways to protect yourself from bacterial infections. A lot of men think that shaving off their beard is the best way to stay free from bacterial infections, but this is not true. When you shave, you naturally create openings on your skin through those accidental cuts, these openings eventually serve as room for bacteria to grow, leaving you at risk of different skin infections.

But when you grow your beard, your good looks are enhanced as well as your as your facial skin. You won’t have to worry about those shave cuts and all the infections they could invite.

4. Growing a Beard Can Save You from Depression

You are probably wondering how this is possible, what could your dear beard have to do with depression? Well, it has a lot to do with it since that which connects both of them is self-confidence. It is no news that growing a beard makes you look great, and when you look great, your self-confidence is boosted.

A lot of men that groom their beards have said that they feel more confident, not only because of their looks, but also because of the compliments they get from both male and female admirers. This fact adds to the medical effects of self-confidence, which goes a long way in boosting your general mental health and saves you from low self-esteem, which is greatly linked with depression.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

5. Growing a Beard Can Save You from Skin Dryness

There are so many products in the market that are used to battle skin dryness, all of which are nothing compared to the benefits you get when you grow a beard. With your beard serving as a shield to protect your precious face from all the unfriendly environmental wind out there, you will not need to spend extra money to keep your face moist. The beard acts as a natural moisture keeper for your face, it ensures that the moisture is locked in, which is a good protection from all the effects of skin dryness.

6. Growing a Beard Will Save You from Skin Allergies

As a result of the beard you grow and groom, your face is protected from a lot of external harm caused by breeze. If you happen to be one of those men who have pollen allergies, your beards can protect you from that, as it is a sure way to control the air that touches your skin.

Apart from acting as a filter, there is also the health benefit of controlling your facial temperature. The beards will maintain good temperature for your face and greatly reduce the effects that those allergies have on your skin. If you are one of those men who are still thinking about growing a beard, this health benefit alone should hasten your decision. You want to eliminate those skin allergies, don’t you?

7. Growing a Beard Will Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is greatly associated with good health, so for those who wonder if it is also a health benefit, it is. As a man, you already know what happens to you physically and mentally when you have poor sexuality. Good news here is that growing a beard can improve it all.

If you are still wondering the connection between good sex life and growing a beard, I will explain. There is obviously an increased chance of getting a female partner when you have a beard because you are sexier with it, and since it boosts your confidence, which has a strong connection with your sexual abilities, you are more likely to have an improved performance.

8. Growing a Beard Will Save You from Facial Blemishes

Since you are growing your beard, you have little or no business with the shaving stick, which means you are saying goodbye to those cuts and stresses on the face that later become blemishes. It is true that when I mentioned the bacterial infections earlier, you saw some benefits of not shaving your beard, but this second point serves as an emphasis to remind you that your distance from the shaving blades do more than just to protect you from bacteria.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

Not shaving your beard and grooming it instead, is a sure way to escape ingrown hairs, shave bumps, blade cuts, scars from the healed blade cuts, damages from the burn that could come from harsh products used to clear shave bumps, and a lot of other issues that could bring your handsome face down with a lot of blemishes. Life is just a lot easier when you grow a beard.

9. Growing a Beard Can Slow Down Your Aging

A healthy man will look young and hot for a very long time, so if you have dreams of staying sexy forever, start grooming your beard as soon as possible. The scientific explanation to this is that your beard covers the glands that secrete facial oil, which means the moisture is retained. When you also look at the health benefits listed above, you will realise that they are all channelled to keeping you as healthy and youthful as possible.

10. Growing a Beard Can Save You from Throat Infections

When you look at the facial structure of a man, you will see that the mouth is closely connected to the beard. Now, I mentioned earlier that the beard protects you from all the bacteria that is carried by air around you, which saves your face from allergies and blemishes.


The same also applies to the mouth. When you grow beards, your face is covered and protected by it. This is why you can hardly swallow bad air through your mouth when you have a beard, it catches it and totally leaves your face when you groom. Just like the hair in your nostrils protect you from inhaling harmful substances, the beard was designed by nature to guard you from particles that could cause throat infections.

10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard

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The Best Triple Milled Shaving Soap

The Best Triple Milled Shaving Soap

By Kings of Today | Updated Dec 04, 2018

best triple milled shaving soap

If you are looking to splurge a little, choosing the best triple milled shaving soap instead of the standard brand may be worth the extra money.

Triple milled soap has undergone a manufacturing process that makes it more compact. This means that triple milled soap can outlast its cheaper counterparts giving you value for your money.

The Best Triple Milled Shaving Soap Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Sir Hare Shaving Soap Sensitive Skin
2. Sudsy Soapery Shave Soap All Skin Types
3. Fine Classic Shaving Soap in Bowl 'Hard’ & ‘Soft’ Water
4. D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Soap in Mahogany Stained Wood Bowl Travel
5. John Masters Organics Shaving Soap Body & Face

Top Choice: Sir Hare Shaving Soap

This is a slick, artisan shaving soap available in a wide range of scents and packed with hydrating compounds.

1. Sir Hare Shaving Soap
Best For

Sensitive Skin

Our Rating
2. Sudsy Soapery Shave Soap
Best For

All Skin Types

Our Rating
3. Fine Classic Shaving Soap in Bowl
Best For

'Hard’ & ‘Soft’ Water

Our Rating
5. John Masters Organics Shaving Soap
Best For

Body & Face

Our Rating

The Best Triple Milled Shaving Soap

Triple milled soaps are also known as hard milled or French milled soap. This type of soap goes through a thorough manufacturing process that thoroughly mixes its ingredients and removes excess water and air creating a fine, smooth paste. Once hardened, the soap has a refined consistency and is incredibly long lasting.

Benefits of Triple-Milled Soap

Triple milled soap contains fewer impurities and has an amazingly smooth texture. This type of soap is often made of natural ingredients and fragrances as well as essential oils. Triple milled soaps usually do not contain artificial chemicals.

What is Triple Milling?

Creating a triple milled soap basically involves grating finished soap and melting it back down to remove air and impurities before pressing it into new bars or pucks.

In commercial settings, this involves using specialized machines. Those who are unfamiliar with shaving soap may probably be wondering why making soap would be a seemingly convoluted procedure.

Many factors determine the quality of soap, especially shaving soap, where small improvements can have significant effects on the final product. One of the most important factors that determine the quality of soap is water content.

The lower the water content in a bar of soap, the milder and better the soap will be. This is one of the main reasons why soap manufacturers leave their soap to cure for prolonged periods of time.

best triple milled shaving soaps

The Triple Milled Soap Process

Triple milling expedites the soap curing process by evaporating the water in the soap quicker through grating and reheating. In simple terms, triple milled soap is soap that has undergone the curing process multiple times.

It allows manufacturers to create better products in less time. Any curing that takes place after milling is simply a bonus.

Milling has other advantages as well. Melting the soap allows manufacturers to mix it up again, which results in a more consistent product that lacks pockets of certain ingredients. In addition, it offers manufacturers an opportunity to add fragrances, colors and and to do it extremely quickly.

Triple milling offers manufactures opportunities to make soap uniform and ultimately, expedite the curing process. Triple milled soap is more consistent and of a higher quality.

In addition, triple milled soap has less water in it. Therefore, you will get better usage out of the soap. Of course, this is probably why triple milled soap is relatively more expensive than standard soap.

Is Triple Milled Shaving Soap Better?

This question requires an important distinction to make when answering; better than what? The truth is, triple milled soap is better than the same batch of soap that has not been milled.

However, it is important to understand that milling on its own does not make a batch of soap better. If the original batch of soap that is about to be milled is not good, the resulting triple milled soap will not be any better. As far as triple milling goes, garbage in, garbage out.

Milling has a similar effect on soap as frosting has on cake. If your cake is made of water and low quality flour, no amount of frosting will make it better.

It is also important to know that milled soap is usually harder because of its low water content. This means that it might take a while for the soap to load on to your shaving brush.

How to Use Shaving Soap

  • Turn on your hot water and place your brush in the running water. Leave it in the running water until the hot water fills the sink.
  • Consider using badger hairbrushes because they are soft and retain water like a sponge.
  • Whip up some cream by lathering your soap using circular motion directly in the container. Keep on lathering for about 25 seconds.
  • Apply and massage the warm lather with the brush across your face in a circular motion.
  • Add a touch of warm water for a second or third pass.
  • Empty excess water from the soap container and leave it to air dry.

Many brands are vaunted as the best triple milled soap and yet do not live up to the claim. To help you with your search, here are some of the best triple milled soaps on the market.

The Best Triple Milled Shaving Soap Review

Sir Hare Shaving Soap

best triple milled shaving soaps best triple milled shaving soap

This is a slick, artisan shaving soap available in a wide range of scents and packed with hydrating compounds.

This premium shaving soap is loaded with hydrating and protective agents including lanolin and glycerin. It is also packed with superfats for slickness and glide, which speaks to the level of protection it offers against razor bumps and rashes.

It whips up great, moisturizing lather that leaves a refreshing post shave feel. In addition, you may enjoy the whiffs of various scents including cedar wood, oak moss and bergamot. It is a perfect choice for everyday use.

  • Smooth, irritation free shave
  • Hydrating
  • All natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Does not say cruelty free on container

John Masters Organics Shaving Soap

best triple milled shaving soaps best triple milled shaving soap

This shaving soap has a delightful scent and allows for a great wet shaving experience.

This is a hard soap with amazing lathering capabilities. Its key ingredients include palm oil, birch and glycerin, all of which have superior hydrating and moisturizing properties.

One of the distinct features of this soap is that it is available in a stick form, which means that you can generate great lather right on your face. In addition, it is scented with delightful birch and cedar wood aroma.

  • Antibacterial properties
  • Hydrating and moisturizing
  • Natural ingredients
  • Small batches - great for travel
  • Cedar wood scent is overpowered by birch

Sudsy Soapery Shave Soap

best triple milled shaving soaps best triple milled shaving soap

With just one shave, you’ll be ready to kick the other commercial soaps and creams to the curb.

This is a super creamed, triple milled shaving soap that is loaded with oils and other skin nourishing components. In addition, the soap contains butter to nourish your skin and whip up that rich and creamy lather; just the right amount of froth for your shaving blade to glide over.

It is a vegan shaving soap made of cocoa butter, Shea butter and Kokum butter. If you love the sweet aroma of sandalwood and myrrh, then this is the right choice for you.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Great scent
  • Minimizes skin dryness and flakiness
  • Excellent protection
  • None

Fine Classic Shaving Soap in Bowl

best triple milled shaving soaps best triple milled shaving soap

This is one of those traditional shavings soaps; triple milled and scented with orange aroma and an earthy base.

This is a world-renowned shaving soap that whips up great lather from a triple milled formula. It does not contain artificial colors or chemicals and performs well with normal and hard water.

In addition, it is packaged in a plastic, resealable container to make it easier for you to load your brush. One of its distinct features is its citrus aroma paired with, hints of tobacco and earthy tones for that manly, unique blend.

  • Comes in resealable container
  • No artificial colors or fragrances
  • Works well with hard water
  • Great, long lasting lather
  • Some may not like tobacco aroma

D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Soap in Mahogany Stained Wood Bowl

best triple milled shaving soaps best triple milled shaving soap

This triple milled, long lasting soap is known for its luxurious almond scented lather and mahogany stained bowl.

Three things define this soap: great shave, excellent lubrication and creamy lather. It comes in a unique mahogany stained wood bowl. With this soap, you will not have to worry about cheap foam that does not protect your skin from your shaving blades.

This soap whips up rich and creamy lather in a short time, providing an excellent layer of protection between your tender skin and the shaving blade. Those nasty bumps and scrapes that used to make you dread your morning shave will be a thing of the past.

This product has an amazing scent as well, so you will feel super clean and fresh after you are done. You will find that it will last a long time, thanks to the fact that its triple milled.

  • Unique mahogany stained bowl
  • Reduces razor bumps and rashes
  • Long lasting
  • Amazing almond scent
  • A bit pricey

The Best Triple Milled Shaving Soap

As the name suggests, triple milled soap is a type of soap that has gone through the soap curing process, three times. The aim is to thoroughly mix the soap’s ingredients while squeezing out extra air and water.

The truth is soap can be milled more than thrice. However, excessive milling may result in a dry and less desirable product. Getting it right is a bit of an art. Triple milled soap contains less water and more soap, making it last longer.

Our choice for best triple milled shaving soap is the Sir Hare Shaving Soap. This soap whips up rich and creamy, moisturizing lather that leaves a refreshing post shave feel. In addition, it is loaded with hydrating and protective agents including lanolin and glycerin.

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The Best Shaving Cream for Safety Razor

The Best Shaving Cream for Safety Razor

By Kings of Today | Updated Dec 04, 2018

best shaving cream for safety razor

There have been many theories about how best to shave in a way that will be kind to your skin but no product is yet to better shaving cream. Not all products are created equal, however, and choosing the best shaving cream for safety razor is essential for a close and comfortable shave.

There are plenty of different aspects to consider though. Your shaving blade not only needs to cut very closely to your skin without causing any pain but it also needs to leave your face feeling refreshed and invigorated too. Here we look at what separates the good from the great shaving creams.

The Best Shaving Cream for Safety Razor Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Overall
2. Bevel Shave Cream Refreshing Shave
3. Knightsbridge - Bergamot Shaving Cream Thick Lather
4. C.O. Bigelow Premium Shaving Cream A Quick Shave
5. Cremo Cooling Shave Cream Value

Top Choice: Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

If you’re looking for a shaving bowl then Taylor of Old Bond Street will provide you with a high level of comfort and a great smell.

2. Bevel Shave Cream
Best For

Refreshing Shave

Our Rating
3. Knightsbridge - Bergamot Shaving Cream
Best For

Thick Lather

Our Rating
4. C.O. Bigelow Premium Shaving Cream
Best For

A Quick Shave

Our Rating
5. Cremo Cooling Shave Cream
Best For


Our Rating

Shaving Cream Benefits

There is a reason that shaving cream exists and that’s due to the proven benefits that it has for your shave, not only in comfort but also in ensuring a closer shave. If you brushed your hand across your stubble, it would quickly be uncomfortable and sore, the same thing applies if you drag a blade across your dry hair.

Using good quality shaving cream will help to soften the hair and open up your pores. This means that the hair isn’t ripped out of your skin as often, and you aren’t being sliced up by your razor blade everyday. Anyone who has tried to shave their beard without cream knows that it’s something they’ll only ever try once.

Why Should I Use a Safety Razor?

Many men have tried the plastic disposable razors that have flooded the market only to come back to a safety razor to ensure that they look their best.

There are two basic elements required for a great shave. You can’t get a great cut without a great razor and you can’t get it without great cream either. These are fundamentals.

There are a few different types of safety razor which can require more time and maintenance than a disposable razor but the results are worth it due to the closeness of the shave.

Using a multiple bladed razor may seem like a great idea but the first blade can actually wipe away the lubricant and the second will hit your exposed skin.

What Makes a Shaving Cream Great?

As with any product, no two are built the same and there are a lot of shaving creams out there on the market which just aren’t up to standard. The first aspect that a great shaving cream needs is the ability to hydrate your skin as those hairs need to be kept soft and easy to cut throughout the shave.

As we alluded to before, another key aspect of the best shaving cream for safety razor is its ability to provide lubrication. A thin layer needs to be created on your skin for the safety razor to glide over, meaning you don’t have to apply as much pressure, which will make it more comfortable

Another important aspect of your shave is the ability for your cream to be highly visible on your face so that you know which spots have been shaved and which spots have been missed. This will allow you to track your shave throughout meaning that not only do you not miss any spots but it allows you to be quicker with your shave, as you don’t have to go over the same areas twice.

Finally, leaving your face free from hair isn’t enough for the best shaving cream. Not only does it have to give your blade help in removing that hair but it also has to leave your face feeling refreshed too. Following your shave, your skin shouldn’t be irritated and sore, the best creams on the market will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

best shaving cream for safety razor

Regular Shaving Cream vs Safety Razor Cream

As we’ve talked about here, shaving cream is vital to your saving experience but couldn’t you just use regular shaving cream or gel for your safety razor? Well, it’d be a lot better than using nothing at all but it would be best to avoid it. Using regular shaving cream would leave you a lot more liable to cuts and irritation.

This applies even if you’re using disposable razors, as using the best cream will leave your face in a lot better condition with whatever razor you use. With regular shaving cream it’s hard to get an even and smooth distribution and they often aren’t made from ingredients that are sensitive to your skin. It a simple case that if you want the best shave, you need to use the best cream.

The Best Shaving Cream for Safety Razor Review

Cremo Cooling Shave Cream

best shaving cream for double edge safety razor best shaving cream for sensitive skin safety razor

Cremo have produced a tried and trusted tubing cream to ensure a smooth shave which will leave your skin feeling invigorated.

There are generally two types of ways to apply high-quality shaving cream and that is either by a tube or via a bowl. This is the former which gives a very easy application to your face which will allow for a smooth glide and also allow you to track your shave to ensure that it is quick and easy.

Not only does the cream help to provide a close shave but it will also leave your skin feeling invigorated due to the peppermint and menthol contained within it which will help to cool the skin after the friction of the shave. It’s made with natural ingredients too which mean no harsh chemicals will touch your skin.

  • Slick molecules
  • Long-lasting product
  • Cool finish
  • Doesn’t create a covering foam

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

best shaving cream for safety razors best shaving cream to use with safety razor

If you’re looking for a shaving bowl then Taylor of Old Bond Street will provide you with a high level of comfort and a great smell.

Taylor of Old Bond Street is a name that is associated with a great shave and this is a product which fits in well with that tradition. It is a shaving cream bowl which can be applied to your fingers but is best applied with a brush, which would come separately.

The sandalwood cream gives you a great finish to your shave and a great smell too which its rich wood smells with flowery undertones. The product is also available in a large range of different smells and finishes too, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

  • 15 scented options
  • Classical close shaving bowl
  • Leaves a deep layer of moisture
  • Separate brush required

Knightsbridge - Bergamot Shaving Cream

best shave products for safety razor best shaving cream for safety razor reddit

This is a cream which will last for a long time and give you a thick lather which is perfect for your safety razor.

This is another product which will give you a very refreshing shave due to a combination of both bergamot and amber as well as the cooling of eucalyptus and patchouli. It will help to leave you with a fresh feeling, even after a long shave.

The cream will be able to give you a rich lather on your face with only a small amount of product which will leave you with a thick protective surface but also ensure that your cream lasts for a long time. This cream will keep your skin hydrated and lubricated so that cuts and irritation are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Provides a thick lather
  • Hydrates your skin
  • A long lasting product
  • Not for sensitive skin

C.O. Bigelow Premium Shaving Cream

best shaving cream for safety razor best shaving cream for double edge safety razor

This tubing cream is ideal for a quick application which will enable you to have a comfortable shave in a short space of time.

This is another tubing cream which will be able to give you a very quick coverage over your face with its application, meaning that you are able to enjoy a quicker shave than you would do with many other products on the market.

The shaving cream is able to formulate into a rich and creamy lather which will quickly work to soften the skin, enabling the razor to easily glide over it. While it is doing that, the cream works to cool down your skin to leave your face feeling fresh after the shave.

  • Fast application
  • Constantly cools your skin
  • Provides deep moisture
  • Not fragranced

Bevel Shave Cream

best shaving cream for sensitive skin safety razor best shaving cream for safety razors

This shaving cream from Bevel contains aloe vera to keep your skin hydrated and feeling cool throughout the shave.

This shaving cream from Bevel comes in a very stylish tube and is one which will sit well with your other grooming essentials. It utilizes aloe vera to apply the moisture required which will not only leave your skin feeling hydrated but will also work to keep it cool at all times.

The product contains Vitamin E which will help to keep an even skin tone. With a small amount of product you are able to create a rich lather which will be able to protect your skin from the razor blades but will still allow for a close shave.

  • Contains aloe vera
  • Uses Vitamin E for even skin tone
  • Stylish product
  • Small bottle

So Which is the Best Shaving Cream for a Safety Razor?

Some products live up to their reputation while others try to achieve it through good branding, the Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream is definitely the former as it is a stylish product but also one which excels in all the key aspects of what makes a shaving cream great. It certainly meets all of our requirements and in our view is the best shaving cream for safety razor out there.

It will quickly soften your hair to prepare it for the blade and the lubrication it provides will ensure that the razor passes over your skin with ease. The lather it creates is the perfect consistency and after the shave your skin will feel smooth, refreshed and without any irritation.

best shaving cream for double edge safety razor

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The Best Bay Rum Shaving Soap Guide

The Best Bay Rum Shaving Soap Guide

By Kings of Today | Updated Dec 04, 2018

best bay rum shaving soap

The best bay rum shaving soap creates a luxurious lather that can easily soften your beard and make your razor glide, which results in a more enjoyable shave.

While shaving soaps may have higher initial costs than shaving creams, the shaving soaps often last longer than shaving creams and can often be replaced with refills once they run out.

Best Bay Rum Shaving Soap Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Gilbert Henry Shaving Soap Smooth Shave
2. Col Conk Shaving Soap Gift Giving
3. Dr. Jon's Natural Shaving Soap Traveling
4. Captain's Choice Shaving Soap Sensitive Skin
5. Barberry Coast Shave Soap All Skin Types

Top Choice: Gilbert Henry Shaving Soap

With essential oils to keep the skin hydrated and a classic bay rum fragrance, this shave soap is here to stay in the world of men’s grooming.

1. Gilbert Henry Shaving Soap
Best For

Smooth Shave

Our Rating
2. Col Conk Shaving Soap
Best For

Gift Giving

Our Rating
3. Dr. Jon's Natural Shaving Soap
Best For


Our Rating
4. Captain's Choice Shaving Soap
Best For

Sensitive Skin

Our Rating
5. Barberry Coast Shave Soap
Best For

All Skin Types

Our Rating

Why Use Shaving Soap?

Shaving soap offers many benefits from modern shaving gels and foams. First and foremost, shaving soaps help to soften the beard, allowing your razor to do its best work.

The result is a close and comfortable shave. In addition, shaving soaps create a slick surface for your razor to glide over. They are also available in a wide range of scents to cater to the varied tastes of users.

Lastly, shaving soaps last much longer than shaving creams and gels, which makes them a better bang for your buck, especially in the long term.

Choosing the Right Shaving Soap for You

Shaving soaps are available in various forms; they may come in a bowl or on their own as refills. There are two main types of bowls for shaving soaps: plastic and wooden.

The shape and size of shaving soaps is mainly determined by the brand. This means that refills for one brand may not fit the shaving bowls of another brand.

Shaving soaps in wooden bowls are the most popular mainly because they look great in any bathroom. They are often given out as gifts, with or without shaving brushes.

On the other hand, shaving soap refills are suitable for those who already have soap bowls and all they need is a new shaving soap.

If you are traveling and need a shaving soap, consider getting a shaving soap stick. They are great for travelers because they are small and have watertight lids. They are usually applied directly to the face, after which you use a shaving brush to whip up some lather.

best bay rum shaving soap

Preparing Your Face and Beard for Shaving

To achieve a close and comfortable shave, it is important to properly prepare your face and beard for shaving. One of the most common causes of post-shave irritation is poor preparation. You can achieve great shave results by taking just a few minutes to get ready for shaving.

Hot Water

One of the most essential requirements for shaving is hot water because it helps to soften the beard and makes it easier for your razor to cut the beard. In addition, it helps to clean dirt and dead skin that has built up around the beard hairs.

You can apply the hot water on your face in various ways: You may shave immediately after a hot shower, apply a towel soaked in hot water on your beard for a minute or two, or simply splash some hot water on your face for a few minutes.

Pre Shave Balms and Lotions

These are usually recommended for softening tough beards to minimize irritation and razor bumps. Pre shave balms and lotions are normally applied to the beard area and then left for a few minutes to soften the beard.

While they do their work, you may do something else like brushing your teeth or whipping up some shaving lather. Thereafter, you may rinse off the pre shaving balms or simply apply the lather directly over the top.

Pre Shave Oils

These are normally applied before the shaving lather. The main function of pre shaving oil is to provide additional lubrication so that your razor can easily glide across your beard during shaving.

New Wet Shavers

There is nothing like over preparing for a shave. New wet shavers are advised to pay as much attention as possible to preparation to ensure the best shave. Once you get great shaves with minimal or no preparation, you can now reduce the amount of time you spend on preparation, if you feel the need to.

Post Shave Care

Your skin is left vulnerable and exposed after shaving, which is why it is important to treat it properly to minimize irritation and enhance comfort. First, rinse your face with warm water to rid the skin of all lather.

Once your skin is clean, rinse your face again, but use cold water this time around. Cold water helps to calm the skin and open the pores to prevent trapping of oils, which may cause breakouts.

If you decide to use your towel to dry your face, simply dab it on your face instead of rubbing your face with the towel. This will help minimize irritation.

If you have spots that are bleeding due to cuts and nicks experienced during shaving, block them with alum blocks or apply styptic pencil to the spots.

Alternatively, use an alum block over the entire area that has been shaved, as alum blocks have great antiseptic properties. If you decide to apply an alum block all over the shaved area, leave it for a few minutes to dry before rinsing with cold water.

Aftershave Splash

This is a liquid that is often alcohol based and has antiseptic, toner and astringent properties to help calm the skin after shaving. Aftershave splashes are usually scented and recommended for shaving in warmer climates.

Aftershave Balms

Unlike aftershave splashes, aftershave balms have thicker consistency and are often used for their moisturizing properties that offer great relief after shaving. They are recommended for use in colder climates.

There are many bay rum shave soaps on the market, which may make it difficult for you to separate the good from the bad from the average. Therefore, we have researched the best bay rum shave soaps on the market and recommend the following products.

Best Bay Rum Shaving Soap Review

Gilbert Henry Shaving Soap

best bay rum shaving soap best bay rum shaving soap

With essential oils to keep the skin hydrated and a classic bay rum fragrance, this shave soap is here to stay in the world of men’s grooming.

This bay rum shave soap whips up exceptional lather to prevent post shave rashes and burns. With glycerin and lanolin, this shave soap will help you get that protected and moisturizing shave.

The best part, you get to enjoy its inviting and warm bay rum scent throughout your shave. The scent is a blend of cinnamon, blackstrap rum, orange and a hint of vanilla. Like a breeze from the ocean, this scent will leave you feeling refreshed and cool.

  • Provides comfortable shave
  • Authentic bay rum scent
  • Great value for money
  • Long lasting, consistent lather
  • Costly

Col Conk Shaving Soap

best bay rum shaving soap best bay rum shaving soap

This shave soap has a scent that never goes out of style. As you may imagine, the scent is a bit tropical but not frivolous.

This shaving soap smells high quality and it really is a great stuff. It contains glycerin and avocado oil, which provide excellent lubrication and hydration.

This soap lathers up well and has a rich aroma that does not smell cheap. In addition, it is small enough to fit your standard shave soap bowl. It contains natural ingredients and is free of sulfates or parabens. It is totally safe to use on your face and will provide the ultimate protection from razor nicks and bumps.

  • Great lather
  • Fantastic bay rum scent
  • Hydrating and moisturizing
  • Natural ingredients
  • None

Captain's Choice Shaving Soap

best bay rum shaving soap best bay rum shaving soap

Scented with the brand’s popular bay rum, this shave soap is rich, luxurious and provides lasting lather.

This product was introduced after extensive testing. Its bespoke scent leaves many wet shavers rejoicing. It comes in a large bowl suitable for lathering. This shaving soap contains vegetable glycerin and coconut oil, essential components for producing voluminous lather.

It produces rich and creamy lather that lasts for long and will give you the glide you want for that close shave. However, its biggest selling point is its fragrance. The fragrance is luxurious and does not overwhelm the senses.

  • Thick and rich lather
  • Delightful bay rum scent
  • Hydrating properties
  • Oversized tub

Barberry Coast Shave Soap

best bay rum shaving soap best bay rum shaving soap

This shave soap features the same old classic bay rum fragrance that is exceptional and wonderfully crafted.

This shave soap has succeeded admiringly in providing fantastic lather, amazing scent and great value. It does not skimp on hydrating and nourishing ingredients all to ensure that you get a great shave and great value for your money.

It contains glycerin, lanolin, almond oil, Shea butter and coconut oil, all of which contribute to its rich and creamy lather. Whether you are new or experienced shaver, you cannot escape its classic bay rum aroma. Its scent is a blend of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Moisturizing properties
  • Free of synthetic chemicals
  • Lathers well
  • A bit pricey

Dr. Jon's Natural Shaving Soap

best bay rum shaving soap best bay rum shaving soap

Loaded with moisturizing and hydrating oils and scented with bay rum, this shave soap has fully embraced the bay rum movement.

This is quality shaving soap that will easily generate a thick, creamy lather that will cushion your face against nicks and burns. In addition, it is loaded with conditioning oils to help keep your face looking healthy and moisturized.

This shave soap takes lather to a whole new level. It is a masculine classic with a blend of bay rum essential oils, dark tea and a twist of lime.

  • Amazing bay rum fragrance
  • Protects from razor nicks and burns
  • All natural ingredients
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Requires more water to lather

So Which is the Best Bay Rum Shaving Soap

The market is flooded with many bay rum soaps, with some claiming to be the best bay rum shaving soap on the market. The brand you decide to choose is entirely determined by your preference.

However, if we had to choose the best bay rum shave soap on the market, it would be the Gilbert Henry Shaving Soap. This soap provides great lather that lasts for as long as you shave. In addition, it has a rich and luxurious bay rum scent that is not too overpowering and rather enjoyable.

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Is Waxing A Beard A Good Idea?

Is Waxing A Beard A Good Idea?

By Kings of Today | Updated Dec 03, 2018

is waxing a beard a good idea

Waxing works mainly by uprooting hair; at the most basic level, it removes hair from its roots. Therefore, is waxing a beard a good idea?

While some people use other methods such as bleaching, laser treatment and threading to remove facial hair, waxing remains the most popular method of removing facial hair. There are many significant benefits of waxing facial hair.

Advantages of Waxing Facial Hair

Waxing is suitable for women who suffer from lots of unwanted facial hair. Some women with this problem bleach their hair, often with disastrous results. Bleaching often results in golden facial hair, which is not a pretty sight.

While shaving may help get rid of unwanted facial hair, it usually makes the hair that grows back hard. On the other hand, waxing uproots the hair shaft so the hair grows smoothly.

The results of waxing facial hair may last for two or more weeks, which is pretty impressive compared to shaving. The last thing you want after shaving is something resembling a beard growing on your face.

Waxing is usually more precise than other methods of cutting facial hair. Shaving cannot guarantee all facial hair will be removed evenly. On the other hand, bleaching can have bad results including patchy masses of golden hair.

Waxing damages hair follicles, which minimizes hair growth and may make your face completely hair free, over time.

Waxing is so affordable and can even be done at home. Although shaving is also affordable, depending on where you shave, it does not guarantee hair free face. In addition, many men and women are not so adept at shaving. Bleaching is the most expensive method for removing facial hair.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Beard Waxed

What is the Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring?

Waxing involves using a warm resin solution to take hair out by the root. The resin is usually applied to an area of the skin and then removed with a strip or left to dry and removed on its own. On the other hand, sugaring involves using warm sugar and lemon solution to remove hair. The solution is usually applied to the skin and rolled across to remove unwanted hairs.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Waxing is not the best option for people with sensitive skin. If you are prone to breakouts, consider using alternative methods including laser treatment or electrolysis. In addition, avid waxing if you have medical conditions such as lupus.

This condition causes the skin to become more sensitive to irritants. Be sure to consult a dermatologist if you are not sure whether your skin could be at risk, especially if you intend to wax at home without the help of an esthetician.

Does Waxing Help the Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Generally, your facial hair will grow back the same after waxing. However, many people have their own theories about hair growth after waxing. Nevertheless, many people find that long term waxing often results in less hair regrowth. The truth is, the hair will only appear thicker if it’s broken rather than removed at the root.

Can Waxing Affect My Skincare Routine?

Topical treatments that are used by many people for skincare may make the skin more sensitive and prone to tearing and peeling. However, these are not the only treatments you should be worried about before waxing. Some oral medications such as accutane and certain antibiotics can cause the skin to be hypersensitive.

What is Double Dipping?

As the name suggests, double dipping involves dipping the waxing stick into the wax, applying the wax on to the skin and then dipping the stick into the wax for the next application. It is advisable to avoid double dipping at all costs. Double dipping may cause bacteria and other pathogens to be transferred from one person’s skin to the next.

is waxing your beard a good idea

Will My Skin Be Red After Waxing?

When you take out your hair at the root through waxing, there is some chance of experiencing irritation. Some people may appear red for a few minutes after waxing while others may look red for hours.

It is advisable to give yourself enough time to recuperate, especially if you have never waxed before or are trying a new place or type of wax. If you are waxing in preparation for a big event, schedule your waxing a few days before the event to ensure that you do not experience any redness on your big day.

In most cases, you may have to simply wait it out. However, there are steps you can take to expedite the process. Aloe gel can help minimize the irritation. Alternatively, you may use a little hydrocortisone, which can be bought over the counter, to help soothe your skin.

While it is normal to experience some redness and irritation after waxing, some signs are more than average reactions. If you notice small pimples and pus filled bumps on the waxed area, you could be experiencing folliculitis, which is the inflammation of hair follicles. This problem may be caused either by trauma from waxing or bacterial infection. Be sure to consult a dermatologist if you suspect infection.

Consult a dermatologist if you experience redness, swelling and pain around the waxed area. These could be signs of an allergic reaction. Wax consists of colors, essential oils and additives which some people may be allergic to, which may result in a condition known as contact dermatitis. Unlike redness, this condition won’t go away on its own; you may require topical or oral medications.

How Long Will it Take for the Hair to Grow Back?

One of the most annoying things about shaving is that many people experience hair growth a few days or weeks after shaving, which is not the case with waxing. A significant advantage of waxing is that it lasts two to eight weeks; it has semi-permanent effects. There are also ways to permanently remove your beard or unwanted facial hair.

Is it Safe to Wax At Home?

Waxing at home is very safe if you take all the required precautions and follow directions properly. One of the most common mistakes people do when waxing at home is not having a tool for measuring the temperature of the wax.

While burns do occur anywhere, even in a spa, they are more frequent in at-home waxing. Some people experience burns because of the belief that the wax will be more effective if they leave it on a little longer. Burns experienced during waxing may put you at risk of scarring or infections.

Avoid waxing on days when you are doing many other treatments. Some people wax along with peels, face scrubs and face masks, which puts them at risk of experiencing negative reactions from the wax.

Is Waxing A Beard A Good Idea?

So, is waxing a beard a good idea or a foolish ploy? Well, waxing a beard has several benefits; it is quick, has lasting results, and is affordable. When looking for a waxing resin for a beard, men should consider products that are made for coarse hair.

is waxing my beard a good idea

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How Can I Remove My Beard Permanently?

How Can I Remove My Beard Permanently?

By Kings of Today | Updated Dec 03, 2018

how can i remove my beard permanently

Do you often wonder ‘how can I remove my beard permanently?’ If so you’re not alone. Recent trends have suggested that an increasing number of men are looking to remove their beard permanently. Satori Laser Center in New York City states that 20% of her customers are men looking to permanently remove their facial hair. So how can I remove my beard permanently?

It is relatively easy to remove your beard permanently. There are several treatments you can pursue including home remedies and those offered at specific centers. One of the most effective is laser treatment, though this usually takes more than one treatment and might need to be repeated at least once a year.

How to Remove Your Beard Permanently

There are several ways you can remove your beard permanently, here are some of the best methods, with some pros and cons for you to consider.

Natural Methods

The first way to get rid of your facial hair is to try natural ingredients. These include:

2 tablespoons of sugar, 10 tablespoons of water and 2 teaspoons of lemon mix. The mix should be applied to the face and left for 10 to 15 minutes.

The mixture should then be washed off with lukewarm water.

1 teaspoon of corn flour, 1 egg and 2 teaspoons of sugar. This makes a paste that applies like a face mask. Leave on your face for 25 to 30 minutes and then peel off. It should take the hair with it. However, these natural methods are not guaranteed to remove the hair on your face. Instead, they might just conceal it.

Laser Treatment

This is probably one of the most popular ways that men seek to remove their beards. Laser treatment is not painful and is widely available. During a treatment, a laser light penetrates the hair shaft and kills the hair root.

This is effective in killing the hair on the face, but it doesn’t kill the follicle, which is where the hair growth starts, so further treatments might be necessary, but it isn’t always, as it’s more difficult for the hair to grow back when the hair root is killed.

Each treatment takes roughly 30 minutes, and you’ll need up-to eight treatments for your facial hair to be removed. Though once this is done, it is fairly long lasting. You might need touch-up treatments every one or two years.

This type of treatment works best for those with light skin and dark hair. Those with darker skin tones can have the treatment but need to ensure the Nd:YAG laser is being used. If you have blond or white hair, this treatment will not be effective.

how to remove my facial hair permanently


There are lots of waxing options for those who are looking to wax to remove facial hair. And wax has changed significantly in the past few years. You can buy some soy waxes that are a creamy lotion that adheres only to your facial hair.

You cover the wax with a specially prepared cloth and then once the wax has dried a few minutes later, you can remove the cloths and the hair will be removed from the applied area.

Treatments can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. But unlike some of the other treatments we’ve mentioned on the list, these treatments don’t last as long. You might need to repeat the process every month.

If this is something that you are interested in, there are home treatment kits such as the European Wax Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Kit, an All-in-1 Starter Kit that has everything you need to get started. (source)


This is an ultra-slim needle that penetrates the individual hair shafts. The device then delivers tiny shocks of electricity to the hair follicle. This makes the follicles incapable of regrowing hair (source). This is one of the most effective ways to remove your beard permanently as once the cells are gone, they can’t grow again.

The problem with electrolysis is that while the treatments are short, often less than 20 minutes, you’ll need to concentrate on small areas at a time. Therefore, with weekly treatments, it can take more than a year to complete the process.

This also means that the treatment can become quite expensive. On the flip side, the results are lasting and you won’t need any further treatment.

Depilatories / Cream Hair Removers

There are also some chemical compounds that are suspended in a gel or cream that can be used to remove hair. An example of these products is the Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream. The application of these products causes the root of the hair to die and fall out.

The time it takes for this application to take effect will vary. Some will require an hour and others as little as five minutes. While there are some that are designed to be sensitive, some may find it very harsh on their skin. So always be wary of the use of depilatories and cream hair removers if you have sensitive skin.

The lasting impact of these treatments can also vary. Some will only work for a week while others will need a new application after several weeks.

So How Can I Remove My Beard Permanently?

If you’re wondering “how can I remove my beard permanently”, we hope that you’ve been able to see the numerous options that are available to you. Removing facial hair permanently has two main options: Electrolysis and laser treatment.

While Electrolysis has longer lasting impact on your facial hair, personally I think that laser treatment is the better option. It is less painful and takes less time to remove the facial hair in the first place. It is also less costly.

There are some devices that can be bought for home laser treatment like the Sensilight Mini50 Permanent Hair Removal Device. These devices are great for those that want to perform their treatment for facial hair at home.

how can i remove my beard permanently at home

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The Best Vegan Shaving Soap (2018 Review)

The Best Vegan Shaving Soap (2018 Review)

By Kings of Today | Updated Nov 06, 2018

best vegan shaving soap

The best vegan shaving soaps help to minimize irritation. It provides you with excellent glide when shaving, which helps to prevent ingrown hairs on your face. In addition, shaving soaps last longer and prolong your shaving efforts. They help to deliver lasting results.

The Best Vegan Shaving Soap Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Organic Shaving Soap Soothing Skin
2. Men's Himalaya Shaving Soap All Skin Types
3. Maison Lambert Shaving Soap Sensitive Skin
4. Black Willow Shaving Soap Close & Smooth Shave
5. Razorock Shaving Soap Daily Shave

Top Choice: Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Organic Shaving Soap

This shaving soap has gained a reputation for providing an unmatched conditioning experience.

1. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Organic Shaving Soap
Best For

Soothing Skin

Our Rating
2. Men's Himalaya Shaving Soap
Best For

All Skin Types

Our Rating
3. Maison Lambert Shaving Soap
Best For

Sensitive Skin

Our Rating
4. Black Willow Shaving Soap
Best For

Close & Smooth Shave

Our Rating
5. Razorock Shaving Soap
Best For

Daily Shave

Our Rating

The Best Vegan Shaving Soap

Shaving soaps offer great value for money. Generally, they last much longer than traditional creams and foams. They are also easy to carry when traveling. In addition, shaving soaps are easy to use; once you get the hang of it, you will wonder why you didn’t do it this way before.

Shaving soaps help to take care of your skin. They moisturize the face, which promotes skin health. They soften the hair on your face and allow for the most effective shave possible.

Types of Shaving Soaps

This often refers to the process used to make shaving soap. There are three main types of shaving soaps including triple-milled, semi-hard, and croap.

Triple milled soap has less amounts of water and is often milder and of high quality. While you can cure soap for months or weeks to allow the water in the soap to evaporate, triple milling expedites the process. It also makes soap harder, which lasts longer than soft soap.

Croap is soft or creamy type of shaving soap. It is often softer than other types of soap because of its high moisture content. Finally, semi hard shaving soap is softer than triple milled soap but harder than croap. This type of soap does not last as long as triple milled soap because of its low density.

Factors to Consider When Buying Shaving Soap


Shaving soaps are available in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, it is important to consider the size that works best for you. Soaps with less volume are suitable for people who travel frequently and probably require something that is portable and can be tucked into carry-on luggage.

However, you may have to buy large sized shaving soaps if there are several people using the same batch or if you shave frequently. Buying larger soaps or multi packs allows you to save cash per ounce.


When possible, consider choosing shaving soaps with natural or organic ingredients. Natural ingredients means that you will not have to worry about chemicals, synthetic ingredients, pesticides and harsh chemicals being absorbed into your skin, a vital organ in your body.

Apart from protecting your health, choosing shaving soaps with natural ingredients means that you won’t be flushing potentially toxic chemicals down the drain every time you shave.


While many people consider shaving soaps as foamy products, the chemicals and gasses that produce the foam can be toxic to the environment. Consider using non-foaming shaving soaps.

Although they may not produce the foam you are used to, it’s a small price to pay for a cleaner environment, especially if you have already decided to use vegan products.


This is more about preference and personal taste rather than an essential requirement. It is important to know that the scent of your shaving soap may linger on long after you have finished shaving.

Therefore, if you do not want your beard to smell like vanilla on a crowded elevator, consider choosing an alternative scent.

Area to Be Shaved

Some shaving soaps contain peppermint, which provides a cooling, soothing effect when used. This effect may not be so pleasant on more sensitive areas of the body like the underarms or pubic areas.

While shaving soaps can be used on many parts of the body, choose ones with lighter and less noticeable fragrances and ones that are completely free of scents for use on more sensitive parts of the body.

best vegan shaving soap

Vegan-Friendly Shaving Soap

Replacing your toiletries and cosmetics, including shaving soaps, does not have to be difficult or complicated. We have compiled a list of five products that align perfectly with a vegan way of life.

With so many ingredients, textures and scents to choose from, a lack of options is certainly not a reason to keep using shaving soaps that contain products obtained from animals. It is possible to maintain beautiful, smooth skin while remaining true to your values.

Many people are increasingly giving up animal products for cruelty free alternatives. However, although switching to vegan products may not have such a profound effect on your daily routine; it can be a bit difficult to research products that do not have animal products. Here are some of the top vegan shaving soaps on the market.

The Best Vegan Shaving Soap Review

Men's Himalaya Shaving Soap

best vegan shaving soap best vegan shaving soap

This shaving soap offers something that takes you back to the good old days. If you like to treat yourself well, this is a great choice.

This soap contains glycerin and vitamin D that offer exceptional results. In addition, this shaving soap is medium sized which means that it can fit most shaving bowls and mugs. It also lathers easily and has a subtle Himalayan scent.

This shaving soap has an appeal that will probably make you think of the days when men used to take good care of themselves. It will hold up for quite a while, which translates to many shaves for you.

This product is not only vegan but it can make a huge difference for you especially if you have sensitive skin. You should not worry about razor burns or rash if you use this product.

  • Mild and delightful scent
  • Natural ingredients
  • Thick and creamy lather
  • Free of toxins, parabens and artificial fragrances
  • None

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Organic Shaving Soap

best vegan shaving soap best vegan shaving soap

This shaving soap has gained a reputation for providing an unmatched conditioning experience.

One of its key ingredients, shikakai comes from the acacia tree. This ingredient has been used since the ancient times to condition and cleanse hair and skin.

In addition, this is a certified organic product that does not contain artificial ingredients making it a great choice for people looking for vegan shaving soaps.

It really conforms to green and eco friendly requirements. This product is also fair trade certified, which means that the farmers and workers involved in the production of the product have been paid reasonable wages. It is available in a soothing peppermint scent and a sizable bottle to last you longer.

  • Natural, healthy ingredients
  • Great moisturizing properties
  • Mint scent does not linger on for long after shaving
  • Certified organic and vegan
  • Limited scent options

Maison Lambert Shaving Soap

best vegan shaving soap best vegan shaving soap

This is a quality product that will last for long and leave you feeling good after you are done with grooming.

This soap is designed for men with sensitive skin and will fit most standard shaving bowls and mugs. In addition, this shaving soap does not contain allergens, which minimizes chances of experiencing breakouts.

It is also gentle and produces rich lather that prevents the razor from scratching your skin. This soap will make you look forward to your next shave without worrying about how your face will look afterwards.

  • Rich lather
  • Vegan and handmade
  • Argan and jojoba oil keeps skin smooth
  • Free of sulfates, dyes and artificial fragrances
  • Limited scent options

Black Willow Shaving Soap

best vegan shaving soap best vegan shaving soap

With this shaving soap, you will not have to worry about going for days without your favorite soap for that slick, close shave.

This shaving soap fits most standard shaving bowls and mugs. In addition, it contains glycerin, which helps to hydrate the skin and keep it smooth and looking good.

This shaving soap is vegan and suitable for people with sensitive skin. It will lubricate your face prior to shaving, giving you a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. In addition, it is scented with the refreshing fragrance of eucalyptus essential oil.

  • Moisturizing
  • Certified vegan and organic
  • Fits most standard mugs and bowls
  • Lubricates and softens for a close shave
  • Not suitable for people who are allergic to eucalyptus essential oil

Razorock Shaving Soap

best vegan shaving soap best vegan shaving soap

This shaving soap contains natural ingredients that help to keep your face free from abrasions and rashes.

This shaving soap is designed for people with sensitive skin. It contains glycerin that protects your face from sharp blades. This is quality men’s shaving soap is designed to last and has minimal disposable parts, which translates to less items on landfills.

It is vegan and will fit in most standard shaving mugs and bowls. This soap will make shaving an enjoyable experience.

  • SLS and parabens free
  • Fits standard mugs and bowls
  • Quick and creamy lather
  • Affordable
  • None

The Best Vegan Shaving Soap Is..

People with ethical and skin sensitivities often prefer to use vegan products including shaving soaps. These products contain natural and plant-based ingredients that whip up great lather and protect your skin during your shaving ritual.

Our choice for best vegan shaving soap is the Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Organic Shaving Soap. This soap contains natural ingredients including glycerin that has moisturizing effects on the skin. In addition, it protects the skin from abrasions and irritations, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin. It also whips up great lather and lasts for longer than most shaving soaps out there.

best vegan shaving soap

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