The Best Razor for Shaving Head – the Ultimate Guide

The Best Razor for Shaving Head - the Ultimate Guide

By Kings of Today | Updated Oct 09, 2019

best razor for shaving head

Leading up to the fourth decade in their life, 40% of men experience a noticeable decline in their hairline (source). There are quantifiably more losing their hair at the summit of their 50s. It seems that the gene for economic stability is hidden in hair.

Which, in a sort of irony, reflects on the breakneck pace of growth the male grooming industry is having. This year, it showed a profit of 21.65 billion dollars (source).

A big chunk of expenditure goes to skin-care, including the aftershave lubricants, creams and foams as your obligatory post-shave paraphernalia. Razors and trimmers for shaving our heads follow closely.

In a few words, we spend a lot on grooming. And the question is, why do we like shaving our heads (and everything else underneath)?

Head Shaving Razors Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Bevel Trimmer Precision
2. Headblade ATX Kit Gifts
3. Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Power Daily Use
4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper All Round
5. Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium Portability

Top Choice: Bevel Trimmer

The Bevel trimmer carries 1.68 pounds to provide an equilibrium between handle and security.

1. Bevel Trimmer
Best For


Our Rating
2. Headblade ATX Kit
Best For


Our Rating
3. Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Power
Best For

Daily Use

Our Rating
4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper
Best For

All Round

Our Rating
5. Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium
Best For


Our Rating

Why Shave Your Head?

There comes a point in life, a rite of passage if you may, when you stare at the reflection in the mirror and the light reflects underneath your receding hairline.

That moment is followed by a thought there are only three solutions. Wait a few years and go bald naturally, chase your former glory artificially, or shave them off (we willfully reject toupees, wigs and hats as options).

While going bald naturally sounds romantic, there so happens to be times nature wasn’t kind to your decaying hairline and the idea of a graceful retreat looks like a battlefield. And, your genetic programming, probably gifted by your grandfather, will eventually swallow any hair transplants. That leaves shaving them off.

The idea at first sounds absurd, but any attempt to mask the shine on your head falls short. On windy days, more particularly. Then, the first realisation occurs that there have been many a bald men in the past and most of them looked testosterone driven and distinctively renegade.

The reason bald men look the part is the inner confidence that exudes from wearing your shimmering top proudly. Be bald, be proud seems a slogan of T-shirt-stamp-worth quality.

head razor


A clean-smooth head will require vigilance. While the barber and you had a monthly relationship a few years ago, that will change depending on how fast the last, faithful hair grow.

Time and money will not always account for a trip to the barbershop, inevitably leading to you taking up the sport. Even if that sounds impractical, in time the task of shaving your head might turn into an anticipated ritual.

As your relationship with the razor becomes more intimate, the cost to sustain it will increase. Blades will require often replacement, as they become blunt with each hair they cut. Trimmers and clippers are mechanical and will eventually surrender to their flaws.

What to Consider Before Buying Razors and Trimmers

  • The look you want to have will be the determinant in choosing between various products.. Cartridge blades offer a clean, sharp look, while trimmers allow for a ruggedly charm.
  • The speed by which your hair grow should also influence your decision. If maintaining a smooth shaven head requires an hour of work per week, then you will need something that produces fast results. Foil headed trimmers are usually up to the task for frequent and fast use.
  • Dry shaving versus wet shaving should also inform your choice. The dry shaving of trimmers doesn’t require any pre-shave lubricants or aftershaves, in contrast to their razor counterparts. With the omission of any preparatory work to make your head shine, trimmers are faster in getting results.
best head shaver

Razors & Trimmers - Top Features



The most prominent feature cartridge razors empoy is the multiplication of blades. Before examining this claim we need to take a short trip down history lane.

Barbers across the globe come in usinon to proclaim the closest and cleanest shave is achieved when the razor cuts the hairs under the skin.

The first idea of a razor (excluding primitive weapons) was the cut throat blade. In the most likely scenario, your barber is masterfully manipulating the straight razor on your skin, while you wonder why it doesn’t nick your scalp.

Next came the safety razor, which incorporated two blades on a metal T-shaped body. There is a safety bar under the blades, preventing them from cutting a millimeter too close to the the skin.

While, in the barber world both these tools are considered pivotal for a clean-look shave, their appeal stiffens commercially. I have dabbled with a straight razor and its potential was restrict by the skill required to use it.

Here enters cartridge razors. They consist of a plastic handle fitted with a series of stainless steel blades. The popular opinion enamours multi-blade cartridges.

More is merrier when it comes to a clean-cut shave that will have your scalp mirror the surrounding environment like a lake on a crystal day.

However, whether multi-blade designs offer better results is still up to debate (source). There’s no scientific consensus for the potential of cartridge razors.

There is, though, an understanding the multiplication of blades is expressed in friction and eventual irritation. Where does this leave the modern version of the razor?

While its predecessors have proved their longevity in experienced hands, the evolution of shaving is targeted for home-use. So, unless you are by rote able to use a straight razor, the cartridge is your best friend.

Cutting Angles

When it comes to razors, their ability to move along with the curvature of your scalp, especially on the back, will denote how clean your shave will be.

There are some grooming products that come with a flexible technology to facilitate a plethora of cutting angles, while others dispense the usual plastic handle for the same end-result.

best razors for shaving head

Trimmers & Clippers


Blades in clippers will usually come in stainless steel or titanium. The properties of stainless steel are by nature durable and corrosion free. Titanium, on the other hand, will provide smoother cuts. In either material, however, what will denote the best trim will be the finety of the prongs.

Also, the best blades are conscientious in sharpening themselves to prolong their lifespan. As replacements for trimmers and clippers come with a noticeable price tag, their longevity surmises the health of your bank account.


The older generation of trimmers was powered by a cord. However, even experienced barbers sweared against their restricted mobility. That leads us to the battery era, which was earmarked by the grievance of mid-cut failures.

Not all batteries are made the same. The best clippers in the market will use a Ni-MH or Lithium Ion battery to increase greatly their runtime and the number of recharges it can take. 60 minutes will be the average timeframe a good hair trimmer offers.


As energy is exerted to assist the outstretched hand to reach those pesky spots at the back of your scalp, the weight of the trimmer becomes significantly noticeable. I still remember unfondly the bulky Philips that facilitated my initiation into the balding strata.

Of course, for every individual the weight that can become strenuous differs. Having a trial run with something of equal weight to the trimmer that snatched your eye will be the difference between bitter dissonance and a happy, shining head.

In any case, the ultimate goal is to find a head trimmer that is proportionally light and feels like an extension of your hand.


The motor of your machine will be the determinant factor of its power. Why do you need a powerful machine? It shortens the shaving experience when you are in a hurry and is a better fighter against stubborn hair (if any have remained).

Modern trimmers will employ linear motor technology to boost their output through electromagnetic levitation. That translates to minimal friction and enables weaker batteries to provide greater force.

Adjusting Cutting Length

There are clippers which come with integrated cutting length settings, while others offer detachable guards. Choosing between the two is an exercise of preference.

Although, detachable parts have the slight disadvantage of falling prey to clumsy hands. In any case, you will want your trimmer to have a range of settings between a zero gap and 8mm.

best razors for head

Mens Shavers Review

1. Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Power

Best Razor for Shaving Your Head

bald head shaver skull shaver

The design of the razor integrates a flexball technology that provides more shaving angles.

Gillette is, perhaps, the most known brand of razors in the market. Little known fact, they revolutionized the safety razor adding a double-edge disposable blade back in 1901.

A century and a few change later, the company has evolved its brand to accommodate the needs of the homeschooled bald man.

The Fusion is their flagship product in the easy-to-use cartridge razors category. The design of the razor integrates a flexball technology that provides more shaving angles. My first attempt with shaving, in my mercurial teenage years, was facilitated by a Gillette razor.

Even though it was for a moustache, for a 15 year-old boy who never held a razor in his hands there were really no nicks. That sums up the Gillette products.

For newbies in the art of shaving your head the 5-blade razor system of the Fusion will be a blessing. The company added a lubricated strip above the blades to minimise the friction, while the battery operated razor vibrates in a constant rhythm on your skin.

Whether that actually enables a clean-shaved head it is still up to debate. The sensation it provides, though, is universally adored.

  • A flexible neck that moves along with the contour of your head
  • Minimal irritation
  • An extra blade in the back for tough edges
  • Has a vibrating feature, with an off and on button
  • It can be used both for head and body
  • The cartridges are expensive to replace
  • The space between the blades is narrow and can be clogged by dead skin, renegade hairs and shaving cream reducing its lifespan

2. Headblade ATX Kit

best bald head shaver best razor for bald head

The design of this minuscule lawn mower allows your fingers to graze the skin as you shave.

HeadBlade moved through the cracks of the titans in the industry a decade ago, providing their own version of cartridge designed razors for men’s head grooming.

The ATX line, though, veers from what you have perceived as traditional for razors. Its innovative motorcycle design removes the handle and provides a rubberized fingering ring along with suspension wheels for an easier shave.

As this uncompromising razor sheds the need for a mirror, it provides for a faster shave. In fact, if you are fond of grooming your head in the misty shower the ATX is a perfect fit.

The biggest selling point for this innovative design is the flexibility it gives in cutting angles when compared to its traditional counterparts. Their 4-blade cartridge has a mileage that averages 8 shaves with proper maintenance.

The operative word here is maintenance, as the company issues a warning to clean them carefully and allow them to dry.

  • Ease-to-use design for a fast shave
  • Adjustable rubberized fingering ring
  • Provides a close shave
  • Versatile, can be used both head and body grooming
  • They negate the use of mirrors
  • Some users complaint the rubberized ring can be too small for larger hands
  • The blades are proprietary - requiring a bigger investment for the inevitable replacement

3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Best Razor for Shaving Head

norelco electric razor best razor for shaving your head

This trimmer from Wahl is designed to offer the closest shave among the grooming machines.

We are now leaving the realm of razors and enter into the world of electric powered miracles. The Wahl Balding Clipper is propelled by a powerful electromagnetic motor (linear technology) that outpaces most of its competition.

It will cut surgically close to your scalp with all the negative connotations. With one false move, the self-sharpening titanium blades can leave you a nasty cut. It weighs 9.6 ounces and with its subtle curves allows for a proper grip.

The Wahl is attached to a cord, and while its 8 foot length provides enough room for maneuvering it still restrains movement. The experienced head clipper users will enjoy the curves of the Wahl more than first timers.

  • Great value for price
  • It will give you a clean cut
  • Self-sharpening blades that prolonged its life
  • Powerful V5000 electromagnetic motor
  • Despite its power is suprinsiby purring while being used
  • Zero gap and detachable guard (40mm)
  • It requires some skill to operate the Wahl
  • Cord restricts movement
  • Some users complain the sharpness of the blades can leave you with cuts

4. Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

Best Razor for Bald Head

best razor for shaving head bald best electric shaver 2018

For men who want razor-like results but have scalps disagreeable with razorblades, the head foil qualities of the Andis trimmer are more suitable.

There’s a big if with the head foil type of trimmers. They are perfect for an ultra-close smooth shave, if your hair are short enough. In case you still have enough hair, but prefer the silkiness of a shaved head you might need to trim it first before using Andis Profoil.

Now, if that minor discrepancy doesn’t alert you the gold titanium foil head of this fine specimen is sensitive to your allergies. I had the privilege to serve under the Andis Profoil and it didn’t disappoint.

More particularly, in the hectic lifestyle of big cities, its ability for a fast smooth shave counts as a blessing.

It can be operated both with cord and on batteries. While on cordless mode, the lithium ion batteries guarantee an hour and twenty minutes of nonstop work.

Despite the rectangular shape, its 3.2 ounces of weight are easily handled. However, as the head foil tends to be clogged often by dead cells and renegade hairs it needs to be attended regularly with an oil treatment.

  • Cord and cordless action ensure you never stop mid-trimming
  • Over an hour of work time on batteries
  • Smooth and closer shave - akin to razor look
  • Ideal for fast, dry shaving
  • Can only be used on trimmed-length hair
  • Some users complaint about the noise the machine makes

5. Bevel Trimmer

Bevel Trimmer Review

men's head shaver electric razor reviews

The Bevel trimmer carries 1.68 pounds to provide an equilibrium between handle and security.

Bevel came into the limelight of the shaving world when Tristan Walker was fed up with the unavailability of products in the market dealing with coarse and rough hairs. Count five years later, circa 2018, and Walker & Company has raised over 33 million for its brainchild (source).

If the remaining hair on your head are hard like steel, the 6000 strokes per minute of the Bevel trimmer motor are up for the task. The ergonomic shape is designed to help the user have a better grip.

It is fitted with Lithium ion batteries that can last up to 5 hours of continuous work. Unless your idea of creating a shining bald head involves an hour of work, the charge of the Bevel should last you for a few months (procrastinators, rejoice!).

The innovative trimmer sheds the need for guards with an integrated cutting length system that allows you to dial to a zero gap.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flawless battery lifespan
  • Easy adjustable length that reaches zero guard
  • Cordless - it allows great maneuverability
  • Some users have complaint the trimmer is too loud
  • Some users have complaint it requires more than one pass for a complete trim

The Best Razor for Shaving Head

Given that we are dealing with two different types of head grooming apparatus it seemed only fitting to nominate two winners in their respective categories.

The deceptive simplicity and innovative design of the Headblade ATX Kit elevates it in the pantheon of razors. The mere fact you can use it without a mirror, just by feeling your way into a perfect shave, adds a dimension not usually found in razors.

As for our faithful trimmers, the cordless and easy-to-operate nature of the powerful Bevel Trimmer gives it an edge against its competitors. And, its unparalleled battery life is in a league of its own.

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