The 5 Best Electric Grills

The 5 Best Electric Grills

By Kings of Today | Updated Oct 09, 2019

Electric Grill

The idea of social interaction while huddled around the searing sounds of meat, in a form of liturgy, has been a perennial enticement. The art of grilling merges in a holy matrimony our appetite to tease our palates and our deep rooted desire to bond.

Until 1994, this form of art was only available in charred and smoky flavours. Then, the George Foreman introduced the first electric grill station (source). Surprisingly, the tortuous name Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine didn’t hinder its production, selling over 100 million units (source).

Since then, electric grills (and now, infrared grills) have been evolved and become an indispensable alternative to their old fashioned counterparts. The question, though, is why go electric? And where do we find the best electric grills?

Electric Grills Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Kenyon B70082 Portable Electric Grill Portability
2. Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill Indoor
3. Presto 07030 Cool Touch Electric Griddle Buffets
4. Weber Q1400 Electric Grill Overall
5. George Foreman GGR50B Versatility

Top Choice: Kenyon B70082 Portable Electric Grill

The B70082 is the crown jewel of a company that consistently engineers prime quality grills earmarked with distinctive convenience.

1. Kenyon B70082 Portable Electric Grill
Best For


Our Rating
2. Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill
Best For


Our Rating
3. Presto 07030 Cool Touch Electric Griddle
Best For


Our Rating
4. Weber Q1400 Electric Grill
Best For


Our Rating
5. George Foreman GGR50B
Best For


Our Rating

Why Electric Grills?

The urban way of living writes a story of tall residential estates with shortage of space. There are few balconies. Gardens are as scarce as an eclipse of the sun. The inconvenience of fuming your apartment with a toxic cloud of barbeque aroma is good enough of a reason to turn electric. They are virtually smoke free and reduce heat flares to a minimum.

Having a backyard, however, does not immediately guarantee you will be able to function your grill. That would be particularly true for geographical regions plagued by below zero temperatures.

Electric grills, due to their compact size, allow an indoors usage. Beyond prohibiting weather conditions, jurisprudence can also be an obstacle for the sacred art of grilling.

Many residential areas have restrictive rules pertaining the use of traditional grills. The smokeless electric grills, though, can circumvent the fire codes. As a final note, modern electric grills, by negating the use of fossil fuels, leave an environmental footprint, so be sure to check out the policies before you head of to the top camping spots.

Electric Grill Benefits

Electric grills, however, are not a last resort when facing prohibiting space, weather and rules. They proved themselves to have an edge over their conventional counterparts. A charcoal powered grill, for example, despite its unadulterated smoky aroma requires patience until it heats up. A lot of patience. In contrast, most electric grills can reach searing temperatures to an average of 15 minutes.

Chefs across the world come in a rare union to proclaim temperature is the foundation of cooking. In old school grills the mercurial heat hides unwelcome surprises. The electric grills components, though, will allow you to have a far better temperature control. Some even offer heat settings that can reach an infinite number.

There is, also, a body of research that suggests open flame grilling releases certain chemicals from muscle meat. Heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have been found to mutate cells and increase the risk of cancer (source). While the subject is still controversial, the old proverb "better safe than sorry" applies categorically to the electric grill.

best electric grills

Problems With Electric Grills

Of course, not everything is perfect with the electric grill. A palate trained by smokey and charred flavours might be disappointed. The watt powered grates do not offer those multidimensional tones in your food. What is more, with electrical components there is always the possibility of malfunction, diminishing their life span.

Things to Consider Before Buying An Electric Grill


The most prominent question will always include purpose. If you want the electric grill to accommodate feasts, then you must consider a large cooking surface. The general rule of thumb is that 70 square inches equals one serving. Similar rules apply to the food you intent to grill.

Meat, for example, requires temperatures that exceed 450 degrees F. In order for an electric grill to produce that amount heat, it must be fed by more than 1200 watts. You should take into account the larger and more powerful a grill is so will its price be higher.


Another consideration is your available space. If you intent to use the electric grill indoors, then it is important to know the measurements of your kitchen in comparison to the specks of the grill. A grill that dominates the space will cause unnecessary clutter and you might end up in a premature permanent separation.


The materials of an electric grill are also important considerations. Stainless steel, for example, is better suited for outdoors usage. It tends to withstand rough weather conditions and corrosion (source). Cast iron grates, on the other hand, can be a hassle to clean.


For grill masters who enjoy embarking on trips by the calming sound of a lazy creek, the size of the electric grill must be compact enough to fit in your trunk. If you plan to use the grill both indoors and outdoors, then it must be light enough for a breeze travel in your kitchen.


Ensure you understand the fire codes of your residential area.

Electric Grill Features

Temperature Control

The various food components have different reactions to heat levels, which makes an adjustable thermostat the pivotal feature of an electric grill. Take for example meat which is composed by water, collagen and protein. The melting point for each component varies. The greater the temperature control setting, then, the more flavour your food will get.


The aftermath of a searing afternoon is easier to contain when grates come in durable non-stick coating and are dishwasher safe. The grate materials are also an important feature. Cast iron is prone to chips in shaky hands, in contrast to alloy and stainless steel.

Heat Retention

The manuals from most electric grills advice the user to keep the lids down while cooking. The reason is simple; it traps moisture for a juicy flavour. However, any self-aspiring chef knows you will need to check your burgers at intervals. This will allow heat to escape and result in an uneven cooking. Electric grills with heating coils and liners retain heat.

Electric BBQ grills Review

1. Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

Weber Q1400 Electric Grill best electric grill

The Weber Q1400 is a small, powerful tool from a trusted company and comes in a manageable price.

Weber is one of the oldest manufacturers in the market. Little known fact, Weber was the first company that thought to put vents and lids on traditional grills (source).

Now, the trustworthy Q series from Weber produced the Q1400 with a lean design suitable for the urban lifestyle. If you have a small patio, a non-existing garden, or even just a tabletop, the Q1400 cooking surface of 189 square inches can practically fit anywhere. Its 1560 watt powdered heating elements can reach to temperatures up to 500 degrees F, which makes it perfect for searing meat.

The Weber technology with two aluminium heat retention liners enable the grill to restrain heat when the lid is open, allowing you to save on energy and time. Despite their high maintenance, Weber prefers iron cast grades enamelled with porcelain for an even heat conduction.

  • The cast aluminium shell can withstand wind and rain
  • Removable grates
  • Closed and insulated design allows heat retention
  • Allows great temperature control with infinite settings
  • Cooking area serves only up to 3 people
  • Slow to heat up, approximately 20 minutes
  • Some users noted the cast iron is prone to chips if mishandled

2. George Foreman GGR50B

best electric grill electric grill

While one of the cheapest options in electric grills, the GGR50B does not compromise quality for cost.

George Foreman household appliances have acquired their popular status from a series of easy to use products. As we mentioned, the company is the pioneer in electric grills. A lot have changed since 1994.

Thankfully the Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine was one of them. The welcomed change in names comes with a set of new features. If you are a large family, or enjoy hosting large parties, you will find the 240 square inches of the GGR50B a perfect size.

The electric grill is powered by 1600 watts allowing you to dabble in any food category. And since the electric grill has an indoor use, George Foreman made sure to make it a lightweight carrying only 20 pounds.

  • Large cooking surface allows up to 15 servings
  • Heats up in 10 minutes
  • Removable stand allows indoor and outdoor use
  • Its light weight can make it unstable outdoors on windy days
  • The temperature control allows you only 5 settings
  • The grates circular shape makes it difficult to fit in the sink or the dishwasher

3. Kenyon B70082 Portable Electric Grill

Kenyon B70082 Portable Electric Grill Electric Griller

The B70082 is the crown jewel of a company that consistently engineers prime quality grills earmarked with distinctive convenience.

The Keyon product line has always focused on electric grills, which allowed them to turn into one of the leading companies in the market offering slick designs and innovative technology. While that might sound like a vague description, the B70082 model has the features to back it up. Kenyon dress its grill with a shimmering marine grade stainless steel.

It is very much suitable for grill enthusiasts who enjoy the alfresco. Especially for cold climates in northern regions, the B70082 will not disappoint. We spoke about innovations, though, and Kenyon has crafted the grate to wrap around the heating elements.

That doesn’t only minimises flare ups, but also the risk of rouge grease damaging the heat components. And, for those of us who are more abstracted, this slick machine has an automatic shut off after 60 minutes, or 90 depending on the heat setting. The B70082 sears at a temperature of 550 degrees F., powered by 1300 watts. Not bad at all.

  • Stainless steel allows for easy cleaning
  • Heats up in 10 minutes
  • Concealed heating elements that eliminate flare ups and prolong life
  • 8 different heat settings allow great temperature control
  • Approved for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 155 square inches cooking area allow only up to 3 servings
  • Price range is high

4. Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill Electric Griddle

The Hamilton Beach will be particularly attractive to grill enthusiasts with small kitchen countertops.

You will know Hamilton Beach from their great variety in small household appliances. The 25360 doesn’t veer much from Hamilton’s product line having predominantly an indoor usage. However, unlike most indoor appliances, the Searing Grill reaches temperatures of 450 degrees F. That eclipses the searing capabilities for most indoor grills.

Its compact size has an 118 square inch range for its cooking surface. Also, for those who are concerned with cleaning, the model comes with a removable hood and non-stick grades that are friendly to your dishwasher.

  • Removable hood and drip pad that are dishwasher safe
  • 10 minutes to heat up
  • Takes little space with only 16 inches width
  • Great temperature control with 12 settings
  • Users’ complaint its searing capabilities fall short for meat
  • Heating coils are attached to the grill

5. Presto 07030 Cool Touch Electric Griddle

Presto 07030 Electric Grill Electric Griddle

Despite the large cooking surface, the slimline design of the griddle saves up space on your kitchen counter.

Another indoors option comes from National Presto Industries. Now, there is a difference between griddles and grills. Griddles have a flat surface that doesn’t give the distinctive grill marks on your food. If you are casual about grill marks, then the 07030 model has a lot of potential. It’s cooking surface expands 242 square inches which makes it among the heavyweights of the indoor division.

Presto has chosen a heavy cast aluminium base, making the Griddle heat resistant. Finally, its searing temperature can reach up to 400 degree F., which transforms it into the ideal option for a large family enjoying a Sunday brunch.

  • Large cooking surface can feed up to 15 people
  • Immersive and removable parts make it easy to clean
  • Users complain the Griddle has uneven heat distribution
  • Plastic feet cause it to slide

The Best Electric Grill

Having examined the benefits and drawbacks of the best electric grills in the market, there is one that stands out. The gold medal goes to the Kenyon B70082.

Kenyon has produced an electric grill that will stand its ground in any kind of weather, which is music to the ears of those who adore the open space for their sacred gatherings.

Of course, it offers an impeccable temperature control and its innovative technology makes you feel safe your investment yields the expected results. We will go as far as saying this magnificent grill might even exceed your expectations.

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