Is Waxing A Beard A Good Idea?

Is Waxing A Beard A Good Idea?

By Kings of Today | Updated Oct 09, 2019

is waxing a beard a good idea

Waxing works mainly by uprooting hair; at the most basic level, it removes hair from its roots. Therefore, is waxing a beard a good idea?

While some people use other methods such as bleaching, laser treatment and threading to remove facial hair, waxing remains the most popular method of removing facial hair. There are many significant benefits of waxing facial hair.

Advantages of Waxing Facial Hair

Waxing is suitable for women who suffer from lots of unwanted facial hair. Some women with this problem bleach their hair, often with disastrous results. Bleaching often results in golden facial hair, which is not a pretty sight.

While shaving may help get rid of unwanted facial hair, it usually makes the hair that grows back hard. On the other hand, waxing uproots the hair shaft so the hair grows smoothly.

The results of waxing facial hair may last for two or more weeks, which is pretty impressive compared to shaving. The last thing you want after shaving is something resembling a beard growing on your face.

Waxing is usually more precise than other methods of cutting facial hair. Shaving cannot guarantee all facial hair will be removed evenly. On the other hand, bleaching can have bad results including patchy masses of golden hair.

Waxing damages hair follicles, which minimizes hair growth and may make your face completely hair free, over time.

Waxing is so affordable and can even be done at home. Although shaving is also affordable, depending on where you shave, it does not guarantee hair free face. In addition, many men and women are not so adept at shaving. Bleaching is the most expensive method for removing facial hair.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Beard Waxed

What is the Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring?

Waxing involves using a warm resin solution to take hair out by the root. The resin is usually applied to an area of the skin and then removed with a strip or left to dry and removed on its own. On the other hand, sugaring involves using warm sugar and lemon solution to remove hair. The solution is usually applied to the skin and rolled across to remove unwanted hairs.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Waxing is not the best option for people with sensitive skin. If you are prone to breakouts, consider using alternative methods including laser treatment or electrolysis. In addition, avid waxing if you have medical conditions such as lupus.

This condition causes the skin to become more sensitive to irritants. Be sure to consult a dermatologist if you are not sure whether your skin could be at risk, especially if you intend to wax at home without the help of an esthetician.

Does Waxing Help the Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Generally, your facial hair will grow back the same after waxing. However, many people have their own theories about hair growth after waxing. Nevertheless, many people find that long term waxing often results in less hair regrowth. The truth is, the hair will only appear thicker if it’s broken rather than removed at the root.

Can Waxing Affect My Skincare Routine?

Topical treatments that are used by many people for skincare may make the skin more sensitive and prone to tearing and peeling. However, these are not the only treatments you should be worried about before waxing. Some oral medications such as accutane and certain antibiotics can cause the skin to be hypersensitive.

What is Double Dipping?

As the name suggests, double dipping involves dipping the waxing stick into the wax, applying the wax on to the skin and then dipping the stick into the wax for the next application. It is advisable to avoid double dipping at all costs. Double dipping may cause bacteria and other pathogens to be transferred from one person’s skin to the next.

is waxing your beard a good idea

Will My Skin Be Red After Waxing?

When you take out your hair at the root through waxing, there is some chance of experiencing irritation. Some people may appear red for a few minutes after waxing while others may look red for hours.

It is advisable to give yourself enough time to recuperate, especially if you have never waxed before or are trying a new place or type of wax. If you are waxing in preparation for a big event, schedule your waxing a few days before the event to ensure that you do not experience any redness on your big day.

In most cases, you may have to simply wait it out. However, there are steps you can take to expedite the process. Aloe gel can help minimize the irritation. Alternatively, you may use a little hydrocortisone, which can be bought over the counter, to help soothe your skin.

While it is normal to experience some redness and irritation after waxing, some signs are more than average reactions. If you notice small pimples and pus filled bumps on the waxed area, you could be experiencing folliculitis, which is the inflammation of hair follicles. This problem may be caused either by trauma from waxing or bacterial infection. Be sure to consult a dermatologist if you suspect infection.

Consult a dermatologist if you experience redness, swelling and pain around the waxed area. These could be signs of an allergic reaction. Wax consists of colors, essential oils and additives which some people may be allergic to, which may result in a condition known as contact dermatitis. Unlike redness, this condition won’t go away on its own; you may require topical or oral medications.

How Long Will it Take for the Hair to Grow Back?

One of the most annoying things about shaving is that many people experience hair growth a few days or weeks after shaving, which is not the case with waxing. A significant advantage of waxing is that it lasts two to eight weeks; it has semi-permanent effects. There are also ways to permanently remove your beard or unwanted facial hair.

Is it Safe to Wax At Home?

Waxing at home is very safe if you take all the required precautions and follow directions properly. One of the most common mistakes people do when waxing at home is not having a tool for measuring the temperature of the wax.

While burns do occur anywhere, even in a spa, they are more frequent in at-home waxing. Some people experience burns because of the belief that the wax will be more effective if they leave it on a little longer. Burns experienced during waxing may put you at risk of scarring or infections.

Avoid waxing on days when you are doing many other treatments. Some people wax along with peels, face scrubs and face masks, which puts them at risk of experiencing negative reactions from the wax.

Is Waxing A Beard A Good Idea?

So, is waxing a beard a good idea or a foolish ploy? Well, waxing a beard has several benefits; it is quick, has lasting results, and is affordable. When looking for a waxing resin for a beard, men should consider products that are made for coarse hair.

is waxing my beard a good idea

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