Pre Electric Shave Lotion – the Ultimate Guide

Pre Electric Shave Lotion - the Ultimate Guide

By Kings of Today | Updated Oct 09, 2019

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Mastering the art of the shave is something that takes time, but we often get so preoccupied with it that we forget our pre-match rituals. Having epic pre-shave game is just as important as making sure you are shaving properly.

Bear in mind that there are big differences between wet shaves and electric shaves, and so the preparation is different as well.

Electric razors can irritate our skin, so it’s necessary to make things more comfortable before we get started. Check out some of the leading choices on the market for pre electric shave products.

Pre Electric Shave Lotion Quick Review

Shaving Oil & Pre Electric Lotions

The convenience of an electric shave makes it essential for the busy and successful modern male. But what about those uncomfortable nicks, and razor burn? Well, these are a risk for even the most skilled shavers among us, hence the need for products that can help.

Before selecting the ideal pre electric shave products, you’ve got to understand what to look for and how it can help you. These decisions are essential for helping you make the right choice of product for your dry shave experience.

What Are Pre Electric Shave Products?

There is much more to “the art of the electric shave” than one might imagine. Sure, it doesn’t require the finesse and steady hand of a wet shave, and it doesn’t quite get as close either. But, it’s clear that electric shaving is a big part of modern male grooming.

Pre electric shave products are things like balms, oils, and lotions that can be applied to the face before a shave in order to provide a layer of lubrication and achieve a closer, smoother shave. So many of us remember to use post-shaving products, but we often forget the need to embrace pre electric shave products as well.

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Advantages to Using Them

Now, before choosing the right products, you need to understand the advantages of using them. Pre electric shave products might not even have been something you considered before this article, but hopefully, that will change now!

Wet shaving kits represent an investment, but you need to make sure your electric shave is the best it can be as well.

And the way to do that is to stock up on things like pre-shave oils and lotions. Many of these help tone the skin and cause the hairs on your face to stand straighter, making them easier to cut. These products help deliver a smoother and less irritating shaving experience.

Things to Look for

So what do you look for in a pre electric shave product? Well, this largely depends on what you want to get out of your electric shave experience. For starters, you need to think about what type of thing you’d like to use, whether it be balm, lotion, or oil.

Different skin and hair types will suit different products. Powder or talc provides the best lubrication, but can also be messy for our bachelor pad bathrooms! Lotions and gels are perfect for sensitive skin, but you have to be aware of hairs sticking to the blades. There are so many excellent reasons to use

Do You Need Them?

The biggest question to ask is whether or not you need to use these products, and it largely depends on your personal choice. I would argue that the “rules of electric shaving” would include the use of these products in some capacity.

I would also suggest that all modern males who use electric razors should sample these products at least once. You want to be sure you’re going to have the best shave you possibly can, and these products can help with this.

The use of these products is one of the simplest ways of improving your dry shave experience, and that’s important. These products tend to be inexpensive and last a long time, and they are perfect for us guys who have sensitive skin.

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How to Get the Best Value

Look., we’re all working professionals, and we all have plenty of disposable income to play with. But, it’s still nice to make the most of good value products. When it comes to choosing the right products for your pre electric shaving session you have to be sure you make the correct decision.

This is something that depends a lot on what you choose to buy, and where you shop for it. I think the internet is the best resource for finding these top value products and choosing something that’s going to last a long time.

How to Use Shave Lotion

There are a lot of options for products out there, and using them is pretty self-explanatory. Think about the balm or lotion you use after shaving - it’s pretty much the same concept except you’re applying it beforehand. Anybody who has used beard oil before will be au fait with the kinds of pre-shave oil on the market.

If you still feel like you need a bit of a tutorial, check out this YouTube clip that explains how best to use these pre electric shave products. It’s important to try to use these properly and get the proper effect from them. I think this is a pretty good video to use to give you a basic idea of how to start.

Okay, so I get that you probably want an idea of the sorts of products you should be using, so I’ve done my homework. After much deliberation, I managed to narrow things down to a list of 5 pre electric shave products that would rank as my favorites currently on the market. I’ve given you the pros and cons of each of these products to help you make your decision.

Pre Shave Lotion Review

1. Best Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood, Premium Shaving Oil

Best Pre Shave Oil

best pre electric shave lotion pre electric shave products

The bottle looks great, and the lather & wood scent was an inspired choice.

Lather & Wood Shaving Co. are one of the heavyweights in the world of shaving products. And this is without question one of the best pre shave products I have ever used.

It gave me such a smooth, close shave that my partner actually thought I’d had a wet shave! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who likes to enjoy a really easy and impressive shave.

The bottle looks really handsome and smart, and this is definitely the kind of retro aesthetic that would catch my eye in a store. I’m also kind of in love with the scent as well - sandalwood is such a distinctive smell and it goes with so many other products and scents as well; I have plenty of balms that go well with this.

In spite of the irritating residue, and the fact that you can make similar yourself, this is a product that would be perfect for the modern gent to up his shaving game!

  • Oil allows for the closest and smoothest shave
  • Great looking bottle
  • Smells lovely
  • Versatile
  • Residue blocks blades
  • Takes time to clean
  • DIY for cheaper

2. Williams Lectric Shave Electric Razor Pre-Shave With Soothing Green Tea Complex-7 Oz

Electric Razor Pre Shave

pre electric shave oil electric shaver pre shave

One of my favorite products for eliminating irritation.

This has got to be one of my favorite products on the market for eliminating irritation during a dry shave. It has helped keep my face smooth, fresh, and rash-free, and makes the skin much easier for the blades to run across.

Razor burn will be a thing of the past with Williams Lectric’s pre shave product; it’s one of the most accessible pre shave products on the market today.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a product that represents incredible value for money. There is plenty of liquid to use and it isn’t expensive. Okay, so it’s not ideal for sensitive skin, and I’d urge you to consider something else if your skin happens to be very sensitive. Also, some people note that the product can sometimes seem like it doesn’t make a difference, but I can’t say I’ve noticed that.

  • Best for eliminating irritation
  • Helps razor glide easily
  • Value for money
  • Lasts a long time
  • Irritant for sensitive skin
  • Lack of change
  • Alcohol major ingredient

3. Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion With Skin Conditioners Original 3 Oz

Best Pre Electric Shave Lotion

pre shave lotion for electric shaver best pre shave for electric razor

I think you get some pretty great value with this product - it's not exactly small, and there is a fair amount of lotion in the bottle.

If you have bought shaving products before I’m sure you will be aware of Afta. It’s one of my favorite products to help enhance my pre shave game, and hopefully enhance yours too! The product comes in a striking bottle, and you actually get a fair amount of product here.

I thought it was a gel, but it’s more of a creamy, messy lotion, which can be an annoyance to be honest. Having said that, it’s certainly a product I wish I had used when I first started learning to shave.

Anyone looking for a cost-effective way of adding to their shaving products, this is definitely a product worth checking out.

Yes, ok, it has a pungent aroma that won’t be to everyone’s liking, but this is a budget, entry level pre shave product that would be ideal for those getting into the shaving game.

  • Simple to use
  • Nicely packaged
  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Pungent aroma
  • Weird texture
  • Messy lotion
  • Not as smooth as expected

4. Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution 100ml/3.4oz

Pre Shave Lotion

best electric pre shave mens shavers

I have to confess, having sampled multiple pre electric shave products, this one offers perhaps the closest shave I have experienced.

I’ve got to admit, having sampled many pre electric shave products, this one offers one of the closest shaves I’ve ever experienced. It is one of my absolute favorite pre shave products, and I view it as up there with the best on the market. Not only does this product look really professional and attractive, but it also works wonderfully as well.

Another great thing about the product is the fact that it doesn’t have the unpleasant aroma that many similar products have. It is a little greasy, and I found it dried my skin out a little, but these are minor gripes.

Aramis Lab Series has really gone out of their way to make a pleasant and enjoyable product. It’s great quality, and is perfectly suited to men of all skin types.

  • Closest shaving experience
  • Great quality
  • Pleasant smell
  • Suitable for many skin types
  • A little greasy - which could cause havoc with your razor
  • Dries skin out

5. Remington Sp-5 Pre-Shave Talc Stick Face Saver

Best Pre Shave

electric shave lotion electric razor pre shave

Ideal for those of us who travel a lot for business.

Remington is a well-known brand in the world of shaving, as you are likely aware. This product is one of their pre-shave range, and it’s a talc rather than a lotion. Because of this you get a more unique experience, though it can be messy sometimes too.

This talc is ideal for anyone seeking a really close shave without having to break the bank to achieve it. The product is super great value, coming in at around $6 for this comfortable, pre-shave stick.

What I love the most about this product is its size. Though a little smaller than I was expecting, it is perfect for taking away with you. It’s travel sized and fits perfectly in a wash kit, making it ideal for business travelers.

This great value product is one of my favorites on the market at the moment, and I always keep a spare in my travel bag for when I have to fly out on a business trip.

  • Compact & well-presented
  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for travel
  • Fantastic value
  • Messy product
  • Smaller than you think
  • The talc runs out quickly

The Best Pre Electric Shave Lotion

I hope you have found my guide useful and that it will give you a reference point when you’re looking for your next pre electric shave product. There are quite a few of these on the market, and they are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

Our favorite pick has to be the Sandalwood Premium Shaving Oil. It smells excellent and has a lingering old school scent, reminiscent of time when shaving was an art form.

You have a lot of choice no matter what your budget might be, and you should familiarize yourself with how to use these products. Wet shaves are wonderful, but the convenience of an electric shave makes it an integral part of life as a modern male.

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