The Ultimate Shaving Kit Guide

The Ultimate Shaving Kit Guide

By Kings of Today | Updated Oct 09, 2019

Shaving Kit

As successful, modern gents, it’s important for us to look good and feel great at all times, and that sometimes means a spot of manscaping. And I’m sure you’ll agree guys, the best place to start is by tending to the beard (or stubble).

Sure, growing a beard is cool, but it feels pretty amazing when you have that first shave in a long while as well. Enjoying the best shave possible involves choosing the right shaving kits to suit our needs.

Let’s have a look at some of the top choices on the market to help you achieve the ultimate close shave!

Best Mens Shaving Kit Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Mike the Mason | Complete Wet Shave Kit | Gift Set Gifts
2. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit Versatility
3. Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set Overall
4. Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor Daily Use
5. Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit Quality

Top Choice: Mike the Mason | Complete Wet Shave Kit | Gift Set

The perfect beginner wet shave kit for anyone who wants to start turning their shaving routine into a ritual.

2. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit
Best For


Our Rating
3. Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set
Best For


Our Rating
4. Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor
Best For

Daily Use

Our Rating
5. Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit
Best For


Our Rating

Shaving Kit Necessities

Look, we all know a dry shave is more convenient, but, nothing beats the feeling and closeness of a proper wet shave. You don’t ever feel as clean as you do when you break out the shaving kit and brush those elegant blades against your skin.

Before you can choose the perfect shaving kit for you, it’s important that I help you understand what to look for. This isn’t like choosing a can of soda - you need to consider these essential factors.

mens shaving supplies

Why a Shaving Kit is Crucial

For the contemporary gentleman, image is everything. I like to dress well, look good, and leave a lasting impression on everyone I meet. This means I have to stay well-groomed and presentable at all times.

Shaving kits are an invaluable piece of gear in helping me achieve that, and will be for you as well. Keeping a regular grooming and hygiene routine keeps you looking a million bucks every time you leave the house, and the right shaving kit helps you accomplish this.

What to Look for When You Buy One

We work hard for our money, and we like to treat ourselves with it, but we like to know we are getting value for our cash. As such, it’s important to know what to look for when trying to choose the ideal shaving kit for you. It is also important to know whether you want an electric or straight razor kit.

I prioritize quality, value, and wow factor when looking for shaving kits, and this sometimes means shopping around. Is the kit branded? Does it have any extras? What does it provide that other shaving kits do not? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before making your choice.

How to Choose the Right Shaving Set

Choosing the right shaving kit is not an exact science, and everyone will be different. For instance, there is no single kit out there that is considered to be the best on the market. It’s subjective, and depends entirely on what you look for.

Don’t just settle for the first product you come across - shop around and check out different options.

You might even consider looking at each individual component to help you build the best wet shaving kit for you. Think about which shaving kits fulfill your personal wants, as well as representing great value for money. You want a fantastic return on investment, and that means choosing your product carefully.

What to Avoid

Of course, it’s not all plain sailing when choosing the right shaving products. As with anything, there are things you need to avoid, and you’ve got to be aware of those. For starters, buying cheap is never a good idea when it comes to razors and shaving kits.

Quality is so important, and you largely get what you pay for. Don’t go in blind either; make sure you check out reviews and look for positive user reviews that you can trust. There are so many mistakes we make when choosing shaving kits, and avoiding these errors gets you the best product.

Using the Product

As with many men new to the fold, you’re probably used to dry shaving with an electric razor. However, shaving kits present the opportunity to improve your wet shave game. In order to get the best use out of your shaving kit you’ve got to know how to use it.

This means getting some pre-shave lotion, practising to master your wet shave technique, not to mention ensuring you clean and maintain your razor as best you can.

It’s also worth learning a little about how to actually wet shave, if this isn’t something you are au fait with. So, I would recommend heading to YouTube and checking out a tutorial about how to wet shave.

Benefits of a Proper Shaving Kit

Perhaps the single greatest benefit of a proper shaving kit is being able to use the classic double edged safety razor. These look stunning, and I much prefer them to the modern disposable plastic razors.

There are so many benefits to choosing a proper razor, but the two main ones are that it gives a smoother and better shave, and it’s more cost-effective.

Here is a video about some of the reasons you should be using a traditional razor over a disposable one. You’ll realise that this is basically a no-brainer, and that’s why it’s important to ditch the plastic disposables right now! I’m already a convert, and I highly recommend you do the same!

I scoured the deepest corners of the web, and I’ve found five of the shaving kits I like best on the market. These should give you a good starting point moving forward, and I’m going to share the pros and cons of each of them with you.

Mens Grooming Kit Review

1. Mike the Mason | Complete Wet Shave Kit | Gift Set

safety razor shaving set

The perfect beginner wet shave kit for anyone who wants to start turning their shaving routine into a ritual.

I love the fact that you get a great deal from this shaving kit. It comes with a deluxe Hawk razor, a set of 5 blades, a soft and silky badger hair brush, an amazing organic shaving bar, and a handsome stand for your razor. This kit gives you more bang for your buck.

This product comes with a butterfly head design that guards against knicks and razor burns. This would have been a lifesaver for my date the other week when I stupidly used a disposable and cut up half my face! A razor like this would have left me as fresh-faced and irresistible as ever!

If I wanted to nitpick I would say that the brush is a little scratchy and itchy. It’s badger’s hair, so that’s bound to play a part in what’s making it itch and scratch. This is only a mild annoyance, but it’s one I feel is worth mentioning.

I must admit I am not the biggest fan of the soap. I use shaving cream and it works just as well if not better. It depends entirely on your preference, but you might decide you’d prefer to go with the regular shaving cream.

  • Good Value For Money
  • Burn and Knick Free
  • Scratchy Brush
  • The Soap

2. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

best shaving cream straight razor kit

Classy, bold, professional, and a great gift.

As if this product couldn’t appeal to me more, they went and threw a stunning leather and canvas kit bag in there as well. I would have loved this product to carry my shaving gear on my golfing trips with my buddies. I’m fairly sure the boys wouldn’t have made fun of this one!

Perhaps the best accolade I can give this product is that it gave me the smoothest shave I’ve had in quite some time. The razor has a comfortable weight to it so it never feels cheap, and the blades are ideal for close shaving.

Okay, so it’s great that they even offer a soap bowl, I know. But, this one is pretty small, like one of those tiny tea cups. This does cause quite a mess when you’re actually trying to apply the soap - my partner was not impressed by the mess!

This is a kit that targets itself at those of us well-versed in the dark art of the wet shave. Now, that’s not necessarily a negative, but it can be if you have limited knowledge of what to do, especially how best to apply the soap, or keep the razor clean.

  • Awesome Kit Bag
  • One of The Smoothest Shaves
  • Soap Bowl is Small
  • Experience Implicit

3. Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set

shaving cream shaving brush

An excellent set to get started on and to last for the entirety of your shaving journey.

The first thing I noticed about this product was how great the quality was. It looks really handsome, and it’s really durable and reliable. I really wish I had found this product when I wasted money on my first ever budget shaving kit!

It’s really important to have a good shaving experience, and that’s what I feel this product provides. The brush has really soft bristles, and the razor has a nice, solid weight to it, but it also cuts hairs smoothly and effectively.

Okay, so this isn’t a deal breaker, but I love a product to be well presented. Sure, this one has a classy stand that comes with it, but I would have loved to see a really smart presentation box to display such a striking product.

This might be a little unfair, as I think the stand looks classy, and is great for easy access. But it does seem a little flimsy, and knocks over fairly easily. Once you get used to it there’s no issue, but the first few times it may get on your nerves.

  • Immense Quality
  • Great Shaving Experience
  • No Presentation Box
  • Flimsy Stand

4. Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

double edge razor straight razor shaving kit

The flagship fully adjustable double-edge safety razor is something to behold.

Praise Buddha for adjustable razors! One of the features I dig the most about this product is the fact it comes with adjustable razors, which is great because it helps you fine-tune your shave and get even closer.

The display stand is just the right size, looks and feels well-made, and even comes with a shaving bowl, as well as slots for the razor and brush.

Because of the adjustable feature, you need to be careful you have your razor on the right setting. I went straight for the the highest - schoolboy error! I wound up looking like I’d gone 12 rounds with Freddy Kruger! Not pretty! Start low and get used to it first.

I found the unscrewing process when adjusting the blades to be a little cumbersome. This is a fiddly product in parts, and will need someone with dexterity to find their way around it, and make the adjustments properly.

  • Adjustable Razors
  • Awesome Display Stand
  • Takes Some Getting Used To
  • Fiddly Head

5. Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

shaving supplies razer blade

I take pride in my appearance, and I’m drawn to products that do the same.

I take pride in my appearance, and I’m drawn to products that do the same. This shaving kit looks sleek, smart, and upmarket, and I dig the presentation box. I definitely should’ve got this for my brother for Xmas last year, rather than those slippers!

I like added touches, and this product contains a really nice looking stainless steel shaving bowl. This is uncommon, and a really great touch that looks good and is functional.

The blades that come with this product are pretty sharp, so they’re probably not ideal for beginners. It may take a few shaves to acclimate, and you may pick up some cuts along the way.

The size of the products are actually smaller than you might imagine. This isn’t necessarily a problem, it’s just a bit of a surprise, and can make you feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

  • Presentation
  • Shave Bowl
  • Sharp Blades
  • Small Size

The Best Mens Shaving Kit

Our favorite pick of the lot has to be Mike the Mason - Complete Wet Shave Kit. It comes with a deluxe Hawk razor, a set of 5 blades, a soft and silky badger hair brush, an amazing organic shaving bar, and a handsome stand for your razor. This kit is great value for money and is burn and knick free.

So there you have it, my guide and suggestions to finding the right shaving kit for you. There is no right or wrong answer here, it depends simply on experience, tastes, and budget. There are so many wicked shaving sets you can find online these days, so it’s certainly worth having a look.

Just make sure you are at least a little au fait with wet shaving before you begin. Also, get rid of those disgusting disposable plastic ones - forever unclean! Shaving is an artform, a way of life, an integral part of being a successful modern man, and you must have the right tools for the job.

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